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  1. S

    Remembering Vern

    I just posted a reply in one of the other forums about cuckolding/hot wife life and how we never let anyone get between us. Then, I remembered one time where a guy almost did! We met Vern at a friend's party. Fred, a friend, co worker and Mary's first steady fuck buddy had a summer weekend...
  2. jw_kk


    I had an awesome encounter this past weekend, the resumption of a seduction that started more than a year ago, February in pre-pandemic times. I have some close friends, Dale and Anne, a couple that I’ve known for about twenty years. The husband is a voyeur, who’s had fantasies and encouraged...
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    Big ass clit

    I think she's ready for her date. Do you?

    I think she's ready for her date. Do you?
  6. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    Dripping wet...
  7. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    Holding My Cock
  8. GOPR2038.JPG


    Our last holiday in september 2020. Crete Greece. this is a verry well known beach full with people. i can say from far that my wife had the smallest bikini form there. we took a walk betwen Palm trees for a naughty foto session. Voyeurs where thrilled about it.
  9. S

    Is Your Wife Adventurous?

    My wife is. I was just thinking of a time where she was coming home late after a night with her boss and got a flat tire. She called and let me know. Just as I was asking her where she was so I could drive there and fix it, she said, "Nevermind, someone's stopped." I told her to keep her phone...
  10. H

    Do you know her or recognize her?

    Does anyone recognize or know my Hot Wife? Would you like to know her...would you like to Fuck her? Would you like to know her...would you like to Fuck her?
  11. Clean Up Boy

    Our second play date with our new Bull

    *Please look up my name Clean Up Boy to read about our first playdate! Our second play date had arrived. Our new young hung Bull arrived on time as usually, clean, smelling good, and more relaxed now. We started again with drinks and chat to get the mood going while watching a MILF movie. Not...
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    Wet and ready!
  13. what do you think of my wifes body?.jpg

    what do you think of my wifes body?.jpg

    what do you think? what would you do to it?
  14. G

    Looking for a hotwife to take my virginity

    HI, I am new to this forum. I am 23. Looking for a mature hot wife to take my virginity. Its my fantasy to be with an experience women. If you are interested let me know. I am 6'3 and average build. Will share more pics if requested. Open to ideas and your fantasy.
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    My cock loving wife entertaining a couple of friends...


  17. C

    Hello New Here In Northern California

    Hello I'm Chris, My wife and I live in Northern California. I'm really into and want to be cuckold by her and big cock bulls. I would really love to see her enjoy being taken by some big cock lovers, especially BBC. I mentioned this to her before, but didn't really get any kind of response from...
  18. T

    Recent threesome recap

    So just to introduce myself - bi-married guy, enjoy sharing the wife (when possible - we're safe and only play with a couple of regulars), especially with bi guys. This is a brief recap of a recent night that I shared via email with a prospective new guy: So... last threesome - it was hot. Guy...
  19. C

    Hot Wife and Foot partialism

    I love pretty female feet and I also have strong Hot Wife desires. My favorite fantasies involve my wife being "Taken" by a tall, strong Alpha Male. I love all of the things he does to her, but my focus is her feet. For instance: She is giving a blowjob to the guy but he can see her feet as...
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