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    Wife and her girlfriend

    My wife has this girlfriend who she's been sleeping with regularly now. At least once a week. It is fucking hot as fuck. Unfortunately the girl friend is a full on lesbian with no interest in men. So they play together while I wait downstairs. The girlfriend won't let me watch yet. But...
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    Rate my wife

    Is my wife hot enough to be a naughty Hotwife ?
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    K’s beautiful breasts.
  5. playdate


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    Late Night Relief

    She stirred as I pushed my aching, stiff and lubed cock into her dry asshole. I had awakened, still very horny and had looked at her sleeping form next to me. She was on her belly facing away from me. One leg was splayed crookedly, out. Her other was just touching me. I had no idea what time it...
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  8. My Jewish wife mom of 4, former Reno Nevada stripper

    My Jewish wife mom of 4, former Reno Nevada stripper

    Mature player
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    my dick is small and fast cum,so i need some real man come her
  10. So why does nobody want to chat on with me

    So why does nobody want to chat on with me

    Had to do something to get attention
  11. Ended up like this

    Ended up like this

    So it was right anyway 💋
  12. Went out like this last night

    Went out like this last night

    But was not sure about it however !
  13. Hot Wife Becky

    Becky is looking....

    Hopefully that title has got someone's attention...! I am looking for a guy to service me on a regular basis and also to be a good friend and lover. Not too much to ask, is it...? It's not as easy at it seems as we are modern day travellers. Together with my husband Art, we spend summers in...
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  16. Bull617

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    Remembering Vern

    I just posted a reply in one of the other forums about cuckolding/hot wife life and how we never let anyone get between us. Then, I remembered one time where a guy almost did! We met Vern at a friend's party. Fred, a friend, co worker and Mary's first steady fuck buddy had a summer weekend...
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    I had an awesome encounter this past weekend, the resumption of a seduction that started more than a year ago, February in pre-pandemic times. I have some close friends, Dale and Anne, a couple that I’ve known for about twenty years. The husband is a voyeur, who’s had fantasies and encouraged...
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    Big ass clit
  20. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    Dripping wet...