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  2. Woreout

    It was easier than I thought

    When my wife and I first married I felt jealousy when guys looked at her. She is five foot three and one hundred pounds even. After two years I began thinking of what it would be like to have sex with her after she had another guy. I told her I wanted her to do it and she did. I've never...
  3. xhamster.com_82873_white_woman_picks_up_stranger_for_sex - Copy.mp4

    xhamster.com_82873_white_woman_picks_up_stranger_for_sex - Copy.mp4

  4. D

    In Brisbane & Rockhampton June 2-17

    I am 6'5", blond, blue eyes, attractive, fit, educated and very well endowed! I'm from Canada and in town for 1 week in Brisbane @ the Kelvin Grove Apartments starting June 2-10 and 1 week in Yepoon @ the Exhelon Apartments June 10-15 for business and leaving June 17. I'm looking for a female...
  5. rickandkori

    My wife Kori

    My wife Kori.. she loves to read all the comments and chat. More of here on her subreddit..
  6. yarmouthcouple

    My wife

    I thinks she's hot.... Does any one else?
  7. cuckolddick

    Tit fuck her..

  8. Lustforher

    More of my girlfriend

    Here’s some more of my sexy girlfriend.
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  11. cuckolddick

    Need bull to satisfy my wife..

    I only have a 3 inch dick so need hung guys to fuck her.
  12. M

    Best friend's wife!

    Anyone out there ever had sex with their best friend's wife? If so what does that feel like??? I have shared my wife with my high school best mate a few times now but the last time was a couple years back now! My friend still can't even get a serious GF so I imagine he still fantasize about my...
  13. Johnblackbob

    My hot wife 47 and her 27 year old lover unprotected sex

    My seductive feline, my gorgeous hotwife, a sensual feast for the eyes, her beautiful green eyes set against a mane of long raven coloured hair, curls covering her breasts, her body, a throwback to curves and feminine glory of the 60's, sex kitten looks that would make Playboy jealous, Barbi...
  14. SexyLuv1

    Cuck Or Bull You Decide Part 4

    "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh my god it's big baby!" I remember thinking that I had never had any girl that was this tight. I shoved my dick deeper into her and she threw her head back, arched her back, and shook like she was having spasms. As I slowly started to pump her, her screams had reached a new high...
  15. SexyLuv1

    Cuck Or Bull You Decide Part 3

    After about five minutes of intense sucking, just when I thought that I couldn't take anymore, she put her hand on my abs and looked up at me. "Lay back baby, I've got more for you." She whispered seductively. I fell back on the bed, Mary just smiled as she held my dick in her hand. I...
  16. SexyLuv1

    BBC In Long Beach, CA

    Looking for a Hot Wife if you don't know Google it. Would you enjoy if your man let you fuck anyone you want? Even go out and find dick or pussy for you Would you like threesomes, gangbangs, orgies the only thing you must fuck for his pleasure and must have his permission. Women of all...
  17. M

    My first experience!

    *** NEED ADVICE*** How do I get my wife to fuck my best friend again?!?! There has been a 3.5yr gap since the last time and I'm dying for more! I'll post the full story up shortly as it's quite long and I need to write it all out. It will take a while to write the whole thing out so I thought...
  18. Daddyandkitty54

    Hotwife Lifestyle meets Sugar Daddy Experience... Young married couple seeking advice. MF(23)

    James and Jacqueline here, recently Married and happily in the hot wife lifestyle. Speaking specifically as James, we're writing to you because we're in an interesting predicament. A little history on us, we're actually a VERY young couple. Both of us are 23, attractive and fun. She's from...
  19. Another before and after

    Another before and after

  20. Hotwife taken by strong younger lover

    Hotwife taken by strong younger lover

    Hotwife taken by strong younger lover