1. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Ali would like to do a poll to find out what photo to show next.

    Ali wants to know what photos you would all like to see next from us, so cast your votes and we’ll upload the most popular choice. She says she can’t wait..
  2. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Wakey Wakey sexy baby.

    We where up and at it early for a Sunday morning stroll, before we left she got dicked down. The fucking and walk must have taken it out of her, we got back home and now baby girl is taking a power nap.
  3. She wants to match underwear, we match underwear.

    She wants to match underwear, we match underwear.

    Body to body, soul to soul. Holding her close before she goes to work is something I adore. We couldn’t help but match with the underwear. She loves an underwear set so why not do what she wants.
  4. After work energy exchange.

    After work energy exchange.

    She loves nothing more than coming home from work, stripping of and removing the worries of the day. Loving energy being exchanged, body to body. Soul to soul.
  5. She loves who I am, I love who she is.

    She loves who I am, I love who she is.

    She loves to show me how much she adores who I am, just as much as I love to show her. We’re both two souls intertwined as one.
  6. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    After Work Energy Exchange.

    She always likes to remove our clothes and chill after work. She says it removes the negative energy of the day with our bodies being close and exchanging loving energy. I couldn’t agree more. Any excuse to be in her presence.
  7. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Petite Brunette Girlfriend trying on summer lingerie.

    We’ve been in-active, she says that’s to change. On her request, she asked me to share for you all. I had to oblige, she is after all the boss.
  8. L

    My Wife's Huge Boobs

    Hello everyone! This is where I'll show you the beauty of my wife's huge boobs. Please don't post other pictures here, so this could be just about her. There's a lot more to share with you, if you like it and keep me encouraged to keep on going. Thanks for being here. ENJOY!
  9. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    Taking my hubby to the pool! Yay!!!
  10. trying

    Newbie here, My Wife

    I got lots so enjoy and Happy New Year!
  11. J

    Asian and Yellow Fever

    Does anyone here have Asian Fetish?
  12. H

    Do you know her or recognize her?

    Does anyone recognize or know my Hot Wife? Would you like to know her...would you like to Fuck her? Would you like to know her...would you like to Fuck her?
  13. 05dd9bc5-a58a-4623-9c06-33d34533583d.png


    Need to put it to a good use 😈
  14. MyFuckableWife

    What would you like to do to my wife?

    Let me know what you would like to do to my wife?
  15. MyFuckableWife

    My Fuckable Wife

  16. Christmas Card

    Christmas Card

    from Hotwife Lynda
  17. Bull98

    New Bull UK

    Hi everyone, Just came across this website decided to seek for some adventures and fun see what this can bring. Wish you a great night as I do right now in nice bath.
  18. L

    HUSBAND loved It!

  19. davelb76

    Is She Still Desirable

    Stacey turns 61 next week. Is she still hot and desirable? I'll share your comments (be nice).
  20. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Girlfriend Before Work.

    It’s erotic taking before work pics of my girlfriend, knowing she’s looking beautiful for her job..