1. dbaygirl

    Wife looking for young girl for fun

    Hi Any younger girls or wife looking for fun in Wales , we are a couple but wife wants solo fun. Be great if your slim long hair and adventurous. Can accommodate. Cardiff or anywhere close within a 80 mile radius would work well. But consider any thing. photo of wife after holiday in Florida
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    Could do with some help here
  3. dbayjpeg


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    Do you see anything you like
  5. webgirl58

    New Wife Here

    Hi Was it something I said im not getting the followers or pms. Well I guess its just a Monday
  6. webgirl58

    New wife Here

    Hi All Well yesterday was a busy day and thank you to all the kind comments and conversations I had with a few of you pm. However please remember just saying hi , hey or hello doesn't cut it for me, if you want me to chat with you make the first contact interesting and sensible other wise I...
  7. webgirl58

    New Wife Here

    Well has anyone missed me Nice to see your pm messages just keep them coming
  8. webgirl58

    New Wife still here

    Well I have a few DM,s but it appears you guys are shy and dont say to muc. So though I would just see who else is around who like my pics
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    My hot GF
  10. webgirl58

    New Wife Showing

    New Wife Showing I have just decided to change my life and want to see what kind of person will I attract. Please be gentle with your comment as I am new to this sort of fun. I will use different hair styles and clothes to cover my identity
  11. How about this?

    How about this?



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  14. Does your wife like it?

    Does your wife like it?

  15. Any takers?

    Any takers?

  16. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Ali would like to do a poll to find out what photo to show next.

    Ali wants to know what photos you would all like to see next from us, so cast your votes and we’ll upload the most popular choice. She says she can’t wait..
  17. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Wakey Wakey sexy baby.

    We where up and at it early for a Sunday morning stroll, before we left she got dicked down. The fucking and walk must have taken it out of her, we got back home and now baby girl is taking a power nap.
  18. She wants to match underwear, we match underwear.

    She wants to match underwear, we match underwear.

    Body to body, soul to soul. Holding her close before she goes to work is something I adore. We couldn’t help but match with the underwear. She loves an underwear set so why not do what she wants.
  19. After work energy exchange.

    After work energy exchange.

    She loves nothing more than coming home from work, stripping of and removing the worries of the day. Loving energy being exchanged, body to body. Soul to soul.
  20. She loves who I am, I love who she is.

    She loves who I am, I love who she is.

    She loves to show me how much she adores who I am, just as much as I love to show her. We’re both two souls intertwined as one.