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  2. Tina Saturday Morning Hotel Facetime

    Tina Saturday Morning Hotel Facetime

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  3. Hotel meet with my bull

    Hotel meet with my bull

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    hotel fucking 2

  6. hotel fucking

    hotel fucking

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    Touching my nipples and pussy… feels so hot doing this for friend and husband - both masturbating at the same time, one on phone and one beside me.
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    Touching myself while they are both watching
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    Doing what my husband asked me to do - showing my wet pussy for our friend telling him I need to give my self a good massage
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    He loved me calling him… hot to have a sexy man in phone while husband watching me.
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    Calling our friend for some hot talking
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    Giving him a few strokes and ask him if he likes his slutty wife showing her pussy in a facetime call.
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    Husban has one hand on his cock taking photos with the other.
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    We stay at a hotel and husband ask me to facetime a friend we sometimes invites for som fun play. Just showered and feeling horny…
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    Showing husband I am ready for some fun games
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    You both want each other badly. You find yourself in a cheap hotel bedroom and get undressed silently. No words are needed. Just your rising penis and her wet pussy tells you what you're there for.
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    Would anyone be interested??

    My wife and I are completely new to this and have not tried anything with anyone else, but it has been spoken about. Last night we were talking about involving other people and she suggested that she would be up for letting a guy wank off over her in person. She had the idea of getting a hotel...
  19. Hotel fun

    Hotel fun

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