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    Is she loving my tiny dick or does she make fun of my small penis?

    My wife always calls my penis a marshmallow, because it's small and fluffy. She tells me that she is out of affection for me, but it seems to me that she is making fun of her because she always laughs, in a good way. I'm already a cuckold, so that she doesn't leave me, we reached that...
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    Why do I like sharing my gf

    Why do I get off to others wanking over my gf? If you want to see my gf or want to chat about your gf then message below;) Tributes are welcome 😍😈
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    New cuck couple, looking for bull

    What the title says👅 someone humiliate me whilst they fuck my hot slutty girlfriend
  5. The ejaculation kiss.jpg

    The ejaculation kiss.jpg

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