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    #TBT After prom we took some pictures. He asked me to grab my ankles 🤷‍♀️ So I did 🤭 Little did I know he had a foot fetish!🤪Still had my prom heels on!🤪
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    Hubs favorite position! Preferably with no heels!🤭He says it looks like I’m flying!🙈 What should we call this? Airplane, flying squirrel or scorpion pose?🤭🤪
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    So fucking funny😒😠 Making me stand in our hotel doorway showing my big ass so everyone can see! It’s not enough that our fucking windows are wide open!! 🫣😳 Fucking asshole! Hope you guys laugh your hearts while I get humiliated for being such a stupid desperate slut! 🫣🙈
  4. Kevboy1690

    Becoming a Cuck

    Here's the story of how I first became a cuck before I even knew what a cuckold was. About 8 years ago as a gift I took my wife who at the time was my Fiancée an all inclusive 5* hotel in Greece for 7 days. The hotel was top of the range. A real classy place it wasn't in any loud resorts it was...
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    Hotwife teasing her caged cuckold
  6. naturalcucky

    I would like to ask you to write dirty, humiliating comments on my wife’s pictures. Thanks!

    I want to read how someone writes rough things about my Goddess. There is no limit! :love: Because of covid, my wife hasn’t had a lover for almost a year now, so I would really enjoy that! 🥰