1. J

    Breeding your wife

    Hi there, I’m a bit new to this site but I’m a young, 6’1, 8inch, 190 lbs athletic build, bull. I’ve serviced a few wives in the short time I’ve been in this lifestyle, (mostly neighbors or family friends believe it or not!) But I’m interested in hearing about whether you have or would let your...
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  3. Rio BBC ready for your WIFE

    Rio BBC ready for your WIFE

    On soft and still hung
  4. Kokowawa

    mature ladies .... younger guys

    Hey there, hope u all doin great Im 28 egyptian wiz amazing gf who is 24 Problem is that .. i find mature ladies much more hot than my gf !!!!! I have done it 4 times wiz 48 yrs old lady and i have to admit it was the best sexual exp i have ever had so far I cannot bring out such issue to my...
  5. Chocolatejock

    9" FL bull looking for some fun