husband caught

  1. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

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    My husband's wishes

    Hello My name is Sarah. I have been married for 7 years.I love my husband so much but our sex life with my husband has become monotonous.He started making different requests.he wants to imagine me with another man.I don't say anything to him even though I'm so embarrassed.I feel weird.
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    My lovely lady caught me again over night! Then she took advantage of me. It was great!
  4. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    She's peeking again under the covers...Love it!!
  5. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    I love this robe on her! Especially when it's open and right next to my cock!
  6. Beautiful Wife

    Beautiful Wife

    She caught me again napping....then jumped on me. A perfect dream! Still dreaming....Too much fun!!