1. Upright C.JPG

    Upright C.JPG

    Aching and throbbing
  2. sittingstanding - Copy.jpg

    sittingstanding - Copy.jpg

    Nude and aroused
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    Suck husband
  4. C

    Strange Cuck Fantasies

    Just curious. Are there any fellow cucks out there who have strange fantasies you want made into a reality? Not sure if you'd call this strange, but one of my biggest fantasies is for my wife to fall for a bull so hard she leaves my pathetic cock for his massive one, but to mess with me they...
  5. M

    Wife newbie

    Hi, im new what u want me to do?
  6. Suckk11111.mp4


  7. A


  8. L

    HUSBAND loved It!

  9. Susanduva

    My birthday

    My husband through a surprise birthday party for me. Many of our friends neighbors coworkers and family members were there to my great surprise. We partied hard drinking and smoking weed until the late hours of the night. I was so drunk that I went to bed before everyone left. The next morning...
  10. capturedvideo-5.MOV


    suckfuck husband