1. Asian wife doggy style (sound on!)

    Asian wife doggy style (sound on!)

    My average dick seems to do the job, but I'd love to see a bigger one really make her scream y'know
  2. C

    Black and white your images

    Show your take on a cool BNW shot... Here is an old polaroid of Ioana...
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  4. daytonwife99

    Can any women or bulls caption or photoshop my sissy panty pics? SPH also enjoyed.

    First name is Scott, if you want to make them more personal.
  5. Couple4MFM

    Finding Bulls for my Hotwife

    Over our years of involvement in the Lifestyle, we have found many different ways for my wife to find new bulls for her blissful enjoyment. We wanted to post a few of our successful methods and see if anyone else has something they want to share about what works or what has failed over the...
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    My curved thick dick
  7. Kevboy1690

    Wife her Ex and me

    To set the scene, me and my wife have been together since high school, childhood sweethearts if you like ive always loved her and always will. We did split up for a few years in our early 20s due to being too serious too young and both of us needing to experience life on our own. During this...
  8. B

    Married, wanna be cuck, looking for advice

    I am married and I was always into threesomes, sharing, cheating, cuck, etc etc... My previous girlfriend was into this as well and she was ok with finding another partners and telling me what she did with them. Honestly, it wasn't difficult at all to get her on this path. Maybe because we were...
  9. S

    Would anyone want me to fuck their Wife? Fun couples also accepted.

    If your Wife is only comfortable sucking cock, that's ok too.
  10. S

    Posting my cock. Hope I fit in here.

    Hope you enjoy
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  12. woldenrawgabbit

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  15. 20200927_011820(1).jpg


    Sucking hubbys dick in alleyway
  16. Elene


    truly lived experience. while two young friends were fucking my wife one of them asks my wife which fantasy she would like to fulfill, she replied I have done almost all of them but I would like you to fuck my husband the cuckold fag I have by my side. while he said it I was popped, until that...
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    It was a Sunday afternoon when my wife told me I could come into the bedroom and watch as she and her BULL had sex together. She let me hold her hand while she climaxed with him inside her.
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    Suck husband

    Suck husband

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  20. Cock and ball ring

    Cock and ball ring