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    Balls deep in a mates wife's fertile pussy part 2
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    my white cunt is owned by black dick
  4. Romey

    World Cup Player Product of Caribbean Vacation?

    Was watching Portugal vs Switzerland yesterday when an announcer said his mother is Swiss and father Dominican. Immediately I thought "she must have had an excellent vacation. Have any ladies been impregnated on vacation from someone you didn't know?
  5. B

    BWC Breeding Bull Will Travel in USA or Canada for Serious Cuck Couple

    Hello, I am seeking a cuckold/hotwife couple in the USA or Canada interested in getting pregnant from a bull. I am very real and serious. I am interested in QUALITY over quantity. I only want to do this with one couple. I am seeking serious couples only, so please be prepared to have a serious...
  6. B

    Real Breeding - Is it possible to find a couple into it?

    Looking for advice here. After 10+ years in the lifestyle I feel I've cracked the code in how to meet a great couple for an amazing connection. But there's one fantasy I've been unable to fulfill despite many years of searching. And all this time searching has only made that desire grow...
  7. Passion

    Ultimate fantasy

    I'm interested in what people's (men, women or couples) ultimate fantasy is? After 16 years of marriage and what is now a very basic sex life I would like to get some ideas of what you like or what you would like to do to me
  8. 4

    Wealthy 31 year old man looking to impregnate someone's wife & provide ample financial support

    Completely serious. Will provide pictures (decent looking, hairy, masculine guy) and if we are on the same page after talking I'd love to fly your family down to where I live off of the coast of Southwest Florida. Well-endowed, respectful, and successful. I can be as involved or distant as you'd...
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  11. Karsten

    Dallas Tx

  12. wife_kay

    She just loves letting it drip out..

    Who's up for sloppy seconds? :P
  13. Remove Condom to Give Creampie Surprise

    Remove Condom to Give Creampie Surprise

    Here is the latest and greatest way to have sex. Removing a tight condom from your cock and sticking it into an even tighter wet pussy is the best feeling ever!