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    Bull playing with my tits
  2. whiteHotWife

    Hi everyone, I'm Trena

    hi everyone, i'm Trena. i am new here and to the swinging lifestyle. interested in interracial, couples and bi females.
  3. Boudica

    Girlfriends pussy soaking wet for first BBC Dildo I got her.

    She slowly got used to the size and took it pretty deep as you can see on the pics ;0 As I said, never saw her so wet, stretched her so good. She loved it so much!
  4. Boudica

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    Stretched my Gf’s pussy hard with a huge BBC dildo I got her. Never saw her so wet stretching her pussy, didnt expect she could take it ;0
  5. Amber Black

    Amber Black here

    I'd LOVE some video or photos of some of you getting off to me! It's a fetish Please PM me them and all will be kept private. My album:
  6. B

    Long distance couple looking for interested bulls

    Long distance couple looking for interested bulls to either meet in real life or chat about females body with cuckold. If you like the photos please send message about favorite way you'd like to fuck girlfriend. We have kik!
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    My new fuck buddy.
  8. Chazie


    My wife got horny and sent me a text Here's how it played out
  9. irvgotti

    dominant latin bull for hotwife. Utah/vegas/ california

    28, 6ft Tall 180 Lb Athletic build with thick 8inch cock. looking to meet good looking couple with hotwife for me to cuckold, i have high stamina, and high sex drive so i can work her for hours. Currently located in ST. George UT. but can also travel to vegas or southern california as im there...
  10. slutmara inter03cc.jpg

    slutmara inter03cc.jpg

  11. Cuckold wife spread legs for long dick

    Cuckold wife spread legs for long dick

    Cuckold wife spread legs for long dick
  12. hotwifeandhubby

    next gangbang

    arranging next gangbang, comments idea etc please
  13. PB Rider

    Club Bangers - MDMA, BBC, MFMMM

    Please click this link, visit my blog and get yourself the DOC file of Club Bangers, a (loosely) based on a true story tale of me and my asian girlfriend taking ecstasy, going to a club, and me watching as she sucks and fucks four guys backstage
  14. BigMarcus6969

    Tell me about ur BBC fantasy

    58155815 Would love to hear from white woman who want to ask me anything about BBC and the fascination with the black cock v white cock theory58125812
  15. T

    2016 married and cuckold

    Pic below of me with partner, now wife. Shortly after wedding found out she was seeing a guy from work, after a while accepted this and now within 1st year of marriage she has been with 3 guys. Started as a massive issue , me never considered sharing but now see turn on and now an exciting part...
  16. I

    Finally fulfilled Wife BWC fantasy

    my wife Marie and I are an interracial couple in our early thirties. She's a lovely petite Latina and I'm black. Yeah I know you hardly ever hear of a black man having a Hotwife. Well here is one. One night while talking about our sexual fantasies I told my wife that my fantasy is to watch her...
  17. I

    Ever have a funny Hotwife moment

    The funniest hottest thing happen to me and my hot wife a few years ago. We are an interracial couple. I'm black, tall and I guess you can say I have an intimidating stocky build. My wife Marie is short, petite Latina. One day we found ourselves on the boat of a cool ass white couple. The wife...
  18. Coach5

    First Time Bull

    Looking for my first experience being a bull. Located in MD
  19. E

    My wife and her bull

    She is a freak for black men