1. Japanese Slut

    What would you do with my wife?

    If you walk into our bedroom and see my wife dressed like this, what would you do?
  2. Risa’s sexy butt.

    Risa’s sexy butt.

    First time.
  3. A

    27 years old Bull from Argentina, I want to breed a Japanese woman

    Howdy! Im from Argentina, so I hope you can travel, I will host you! I work as a police firefighter, I like to play the guitar and draw. As long as I can remember, I was caught by Japanese culture and the humble and respectful ways of living there. I practiced Karate for some years and learned...
  4. FullSizeRender.mp4


    Wife with dildo.
  5. K

    The Hotel Bar

    My Japanese wife Kaoru living abroad has of course many other Japanese friends. So, one day she told me, that she wanted to meet one of her friends to go for a drink. Yes of course, I always go out myself and she should do as she pleases. She wore one of my favorite dresses, so I enjoyed looking...
  6. DE64C5B3-0ACD-48E7-B90C-4A634CB7922B.jpeg


    K’s beautiful breasts.
  7. IMG_7129.MOV


    K in the shower
  8. 67DB858A-3ACC-48BA-8316-FCBEA483F4D7.jpeg


    Wife on the prowl
  9. JapaneseHotWife3.png


    Someone else's Japanese wife snuck over to my office to work my thick cock and take my huge loads.
  10. JapaneseHotWife2.png


    Someone else's Japanese wife snuck over to my office to work my thick cock and take my huge loads.
  11. J

    japanese wife

    hope you like her ;-)
  12. J

    my japanese wife - any pic requests?

    just tell me what you'd like to see of her...
  13. B

    Plese your masturbation picture

    44ys Japanese wife. she has three cildren. Plese tibute my wife
  14. W

    White small dick cuck offering Japanese wife for your pleasure

    Hi all, Just joined and thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a white male, dick can't satisfy my 30y.o JP wife, so I'm looking for someone (or some people) to both insult and humiliate me as well as fill her little Asian pussy further than she ever thought possible.


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