jerking off

  1. Final blast

    Final blast

    Is your wife ready to take it deep in her ass and pussy?
  2. T

    My friend came while I showed him photos of my wife

    Not sure if this belongs so please delete if not. It's cool. This happened less than a week ago so still kinda processing it. It feels kinda dirty but also feels really fucking hot at the same time. Makes my heart beat quicker when I think about it. Of course I'm biased but I think my wife is a...
  3. VID_59330820_231121_148.mp4


    Cum shot

    Jerking me off
  5. VID_113450822_125903_379.mp4


  6. X

    Is it bad that I jerk off next to my wife while she sleeps?

    It kinda feels like she's faking being asleep lol
  7. Stroking.mp4


    Quick jerk

    releasing the cum

    Hunting for my clit, need a tongue flicking it at the same time
  10. Messy


  11. 42CA436D-76A7-487C-9E87-A644C6A6B2FD.jpeg


  12. H

    Slutwife Lina & Cuckold Hubby Enzo

    Hey guys Cuckold Sissy hubby Enzo here, any other Cuckolds or BULLS wanna chat online or on the phone about my Slutwife Lina while I share her pics with you as we both jerk off over my Beautiful Slutwife Lina Fedele. Also here are a few pics of myself dressed as a slut cd sissy with my French...
  13. fatcock.m4v


    Uncut bwc getting hard to your wife
  14. T

    Help me cum

    Please help me nut
  15. 20220410_175241_99.mp4


  16. T


    Lets have joi right now
  17. BBC Wedding ring show off

    BBC Wedding ring show off

    Jerking off a BBC while wearing my wedding ring.
  18. WIN_20210801_10_19_26_Pro_Trim.mp4


  19. H

    My Slutwife Lina posted up in a local adult video store

    Hey guys my beautiful Slutwife Lina her pictures are posted up in a local adult video store viewing room that has glory holes all her contact information and her pictures of her spread wide open and a CD of her pictures so guys can rent to go into the room and jerk off to her is available at a...
  20. Love jerking off

    Love jerking off


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