1. K

    Any German/Austrian?

  2. 2128990634.jpg


  3. T

    Your wife and her bull kissing in public

    Let’s see pictures of your wife and her bull going out in a nice setting and kissing in public, with our without your presence ! Let’s see how excited this can get us ;-)
  4. S


    Someday my wife will grant my fantasy I'm sure but until then I'll just keep bringing it up when we make love, which does cause her to get very wet. She has a regular lover (what we call him it used to be her FWB or FB but she is so turned on by their kissing and foreplay that now it is just her...
  5. Bull


    with my bull
  6. Kisses


  7. French kiss insemiation.jpg

    French kiss insemiation.jpg

    Hot Wife enjoying the intensity of their shared orgasm
  8. The ejaculation kiss.jpg

    The ejaculation kiss.jpg

    Simultaneous orgasm sperm induced Hot Wife rapture
  9. nT_jq4ks81fvcr40kex1kt9yf2y_600.jpg


    My hand found his felt sooo big even through his pants....He kissed me hard and I rubbed and squeezed him....mmmmm it felt so much bigger than my husband
  10. nT_4670kgcn25yqctr2i7q2z6p9_600.jpg


    Kissing my first bull in a motel room
  11. HotelNO0112.jpg


  12. Theresa just before fucking

    Theresa just before fucking

    Hot Theresa kissing before fucking hubby
  13. FeteditMarty.jpg


  14. xxxcouplexxx

    Kissing...Yes or No

    How does you or your partner feel about you kissing other men before/during sex. Do you think its far to personal a thing between husband and wife or do you find it turns you on watching them kiss. Feel free to add your kissing photos.


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