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    Love tributes
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  4. MexicanWife

    Best Ass Contest

    Enter the best pics of your wife’s ass. Let the community appreciate and rate. Enjoy!
  5. Zman1932

    Tribute me!

    Hey guys, wife half of the couple, I’d love to see some cum tributes!! 🥰🥰 thaaanks!!
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  7. I like watching

    I like watching

    Wife cucks me
  8. LisaXLopez

    Lisa's Secret Slut Shack: No Hubby Allowed!

  9. Agave

    Does she need to be put in her place?

    Her husband said she has really been acting up and needed to be taught a lesson so I put her in her place and now she’s a good little submissive slut… does your wife need to be put in her place? message me
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  11. Wife


  12. Wife .jpg

    Wife .jpg

    Wife Mayra wants to be exposed
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    My wife Mayra
  14. LisaXLopez

    Cucking Brian: Panties on the Door

    The first boyfriend I ever cucked was a sweet guy named Brian. I think it's what really got me hot about being a secret slut. Though, with him, it wasn't exactly secret. Years later, now that I am being a secret slut, I write a lot of fantasy fiction about my kink. This story is a bit of...
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    Wife, Mayra
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    Giving this sexy man a good sucking :)
  18. RSNG

    Exposing my slutty Latina’s ass

    compliment her ass, like and comment on her posts and send her thirsty DMs!
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  20. Shhp2021

    BWC bull in Atlanta for Asians or Latins this fall

    Hi all, I’m headed to Atlanta in November for 2 weeks. Looking for Asian or Latina wife/gf/couple to play. PM if interested. Thanks!