1. My wife's friend, Irma and I

    My wife's friend, Irma and I

  2. Latina Backshots

    Latina Backshots

  3. Monica


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  9. G

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    hey there? well like the title says I've been having this fantasy of sharing my Latina gf for a while now and it seems as the time go's on further I want it even more lol I don't really know how this happened but it really gets me excited. my gf doesn't know about this and I'm not sure what she...
  10. Gorinsho

    Any Bondage and BDSM players out there? Dom Bull?

    I tied her up and fucked her mouth. The interesting thing is she was never really into it until 50 shades, or at least I didn't try hard enough. Nice to meet you all, looking for couples or the occasional big cock brother, stanima is a must. She likes it very hard. If you're both into bondage...
  11. Slut gets anal

    Slut gets anal

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  14. My wife Monica teasing me while I am on a business trip

    My wife Monica teasing me while I am on a business trip

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  20. My wife teasing me...

    My wife teasing me...