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    Couple in Sacramento seeking a bull

    Title says it all. Dm me for more info.
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  4. L

    Looking for bull around Sacramento area!

    Hey there, finally convinced my fiance to give this a try and perhaps sleep with another man. She is hesitant but is entertaining the idea and wants to see who might be interested in her. She is requesting a white man to begin this journey with. Please hit me up through Dm if interested in...
  5. Ass up Face down

    Ass up Face down

    Wife’s favorite. There has not been a single guy that has not fucked my wife in this position. She loves the idea of giving anyone complete control of her pussy and ass, so she just lets them have it. It’s actually a mutual feeling.
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  8. Big booty

    Big booty

  9. R

    Show off the best pics you have of your latina gf or wife

    Latinas are some of my favorites and I'd love to see what the people of this site have to offer. Cucks, Couples, and Hotwives/gfs are all welcome- Feel free to show off here or message me privately to chat or do anything else you're interested in
  10. Me and blindfolded hotwife riding bull

    Me and blindfolded hotwife riding bull

    She was a rider! Lovely mature Latina hotwife and younger bull Interested hotwives and women in the Arizona area, or visiting, please DM!
  11. Can’t stop!

    Can’t stop!

    Just can’t stop fucking her ! Who wants to join?
  12. Head sucking

    Head sucking

    My wife lives for cock.
  13. C

    First time cuck and getting ready for our first experience

    Hey guys. I’ve had this fetish for the longest time and it took me forever to gain the courage to bring it up to my wife. She was hesitant and I didn’t want to push to hard. I was just so relieved to finally tell her. It’s been about 4 months and she’s finally comfortable enough to do a meet up...
  14. C

    New here! My husband and I are new to lifestyle and eager to play

    Hey guys we’re in SoCal and decided to try this site out. Here’s some pics and hopefully soon will be posting our dates. DM’s are open😘
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    I love getting my toes sucked.
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  17. Cum


    She loves getting dirty like this ;)
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