1. Beth at 42

    Beth at 42

  2. My legs

    My legs

  3. IMG_0963.JPG


    Eat me in the motel room
  4. sexyc.mov


  5. DSC_1729.JPG


  6. Virtuous2vixen

    For Pantyhose Lovers

    I love the look of my gorgeous wife’s sexy legs and feet in pantyhose. Any other pantyhose lovers out there?
  7. T

    Beautiful face or body?

    I have to admit tini has a beautiful body. But the eye catcher is her face. Can’t show her full face for privacy. But what do you think? If she is across the club would you approach because she has a pretty face, ass, legs and believe it or not ankles, lol?
  8. A

    Wife’s and girlfriends feet pics

    so... my wife knows I have a foot fetish, but she's never really let me fully indulge it. Last night, I get this text from the guy she was hanging out with. Apparently, he has a foot fetish too, and this was his way of letting me know he was getting ready to enjoy them in ways I've...
  9. Airplane seducing

    Airplane seducing

    Took my shoes of, noticed guys starring
  10. T

    Dallas Trip

    Well tini is in Dallas and was in a conference. She said that she needed a charger and couldn’t find one. Well some so called sexy man told her that he had one. She said that it was a fast charger, but with one favor. He said, I’ll ask in my room. They went to the room and he said something...
  11. Leg's


    Let's try something for the holidays
  12. T


  13. nlfly

    Have a nice weekend friends from Yvonne too

  14. T

    Hubby taking photos of men looking

    So hubby wanted to experiment and he said that when I walk men look. Well, we did and he showed me that they were looking? I don’t think so. What do you think? He said even the singer I can tell you that there were very beautiful girls at the show. He is just saying cause we are married lol

    Nude Beach

    My wife enjoys being on view at the beach. Any offers?
  16. Her panties

    Her panties

  17. Her panties

    Her panties

  18. Her kitty

    Her kitty

  19. Short Dress 2

    Short Dress 2

    Maka, 50-year-old wife and mother
  20. Short Dress

    Short Dress

    Maka, 50-year-old wife and mother