1. free2fli

    How many guys has she sucked while married?

    This is about how I discovered my wife has been sucking other cock after we were married. It is an open thread and please share your stories, especially the ladies. Turned out my wife has given hundreds of blowjobs to about 15 guys after we married. Lucky me. For years my wife claimed I was the...
  2. hagolfh3

    Sharing my wife with 4 guys....

    Two weekends ago my wife and myself went to a wedding in the Austin, Tx area, it was held at a golf resort. My wife made all the arrangements, we stayed on the resort which had little one bedroom condo's with king size beds, and as it turns out we were the only couple with the wedding party...
  3. friends wife, kathy mosca

    friends wife, kathy mosca

    2020 photos of a married whore, kathy ann mosca
  4. kathy mosca 2020

    kathy mosca 2020

    lock down rebellion photos lol
  5. Kathy Baumgartner Mosca

    Kathy Baumgartner Mosca

    my friends wife, entertaining during the lock down
  6. bf51885b4ae8dba164e4aeeed2af58c5.jpg


    number 4 on New Years Eve
  7. slut kathy mosca.jpg

    slut kathy mosca.jpg

    kathy mosca
  8. Pink married pussy

    Pink married pussy

  9. Kathy Ann Mosca

    Kathy Ann Mosca

    more of the 59 year old convicted prostitute kathy mosca
  10. wife_kay

    New here, wife says hi :)

    Went away for a couple of nights and teased me endlessly in this outfit.
  11. __2017-02-07__.jpg


    Just my 36DD's - kathy mosca
  12. W


  13. G

    Why do we get turned on watching our spouses have sex with someone else?

    Until I showed trustable friends a video of my wife being groped by me and a friend then posting it on porn sites I thought I was a pervert for getting hard even thinking about my wife being kissed/fondled/fucked by another man. Now I know that it is far more common than I imagined but what...
  14. talking to some men out hotel window.jpg

    talking to some men out hotel window.jpg

    kathy baumgartner mosca, drumming up some business
  15. Hesperia Mother, "Kathy Mosca"  convicted of prostitution 7-14-2018.jpg

    Hesperia Mother, "Kathy Mosca" convicted of prostitution 7-14-2018.jpg

    the slut I married got caught in a San Bernardino county Ca. Sheriff prostitution sting - 07-14-2018
  16. buddys slut wife.jpeg

    buddys slut wife.jpeg

    my "friend" sent me this one
  17. Elaine

    Hi, I'm Elaine.

    my name is Elaine. I'm a teacher at a secondary school in the NorthWest so have to be discreet. I'm married but the marriage has lost its zing and sex is infrequent, almost nonexistent, and even then does nothing for me. It's all kind of "wham bam thank you ma'am" I'm aroused by the thought of...