1. PNNP

    Our Story

    Our story Me and my wife had our anniversary at a nice Spa hotel where my wife had her time of her life. Every day after lunch, she dressed up sexy, and went for her spa date, with a young handsome smiling man with big strong hands. She was in such a good mood this morning before she left, and...
  2. H

    Central Florida Hotwifing

    My wife
  3. ef8ba1eb-9113-40a1-94dd-1e4762cf03f5.jpg


    Would like to see my wife get a massage would you pretend to be a therapist to massage my wife.
  4. B


    Bi dom top here in Lawrence Kansas USA wanting to host on a regular basis....
  5. massage with Edit.wmv

    massage with Edit.wmv

    One of my wife's many erotic massages from member Erotibbc4u. He has been giving her massages for 15 years. I think its hot that she goes over to his place by herself now.
  6. playingwithblackcock.wmv


    My wife's first of many erotic massages by member Erotibbc4u. He has become a good friend of ours. A congenial spirit and real.
  7. B

    Newcastle NSW Australia - Bull looking for Hotwife

    Massage therapist looking for a hotwife that wants a full body sensual massage and play
  8. playing with the masseur.mp4

    playing with the masseur.mp4

    Real time clip sent to me by Erotibbc4u as he works on my wife's right side. They also FaceTime called me while they were playing with each other.
  9. 20230917_130822.gif


    Yesterday afternoon massage pt1
  10. B

    what oils have been used?

    Hi, im just wondering if anynody here likes to marinate the skin first with some oil before it begings. i like to massage with coconut oil but also have used avocado oil.
  11. trio.jpg


  12. C

    She's ready...

    See, our essence behind our journey is from my own mind. I see my wife as a true Queen that deserves to be worshiped and satisfied in every way. It's a flex for me to have such a beautiful wife and I've never been this way but men being attractive and lusting after my wife is a turnon. So we're...
  13. With Her Massage Therapist

    With Her Massage Therapist

    My wife during one of her erotic massages by member Erotibbc4u.
  14. Bliss!


    Nothing wrong with an aloe vera foot and leg massage on the beach!
  15. IMG_20220505_030650.jpg


    Bull in Dubai
  16. C

    Hi. New here. Wife and I visiting Spain and other EU countries

    Hi. I’m arranging an erotic massage for my wife soon. Traveling to Barcelona. It’s very exciting thinking of a younger / foreign guy touching her. What’s even better is she is truly looking forward to it. For a long time she didn’t seem to embrace the Hotwife concept, but after many years, seems...
  17. DFB0D44F-F703-4491-A2A8-F14B2A74B8EE.jpeg


  18. IncubusKink

    M 40 uk looking for females and couples for spontaneous fun

    Looking for random distraction from reality. Working single father want to meet likeminded women and couples to help fulfil others fantasies and try new things. This experienced and eager, not one to let down the side and always the well manicured gentlemen. Will go above and beyond to make...
  19. Ready for a massage

    Ready for a massage

  20. experienced masseur in istanbul

    experienced masseur in istanbul

    Long-term massage consists of 3 sessions. 1st session prone; head, neck, shoulders, back, waist, hips, calves, feet and between the toes 2nd session supine; neck, breasts, belly, groins, legs and feet (after this session I can cover up and leave the room for those who want) 3rd session (optional) v