1. C

    Has you're wife/girlfriend ever had a happy ending massage???

    If so did you watch or would you like to watch??
  2. Couple4MFM

    A Sensual Massage for my Wife

    Monday evening, my wife arrived home from the gym and said she was sore. She took a shower and we ate dinner on the couch with her repeating about how sore she felt from her boot camp workout that evening. She mentioned she really needed a good massage. I offered but she told me no, and I asked...
  3. fitmassagetherapist

    Sensual Erotical massage and happy end for your wife

    Im REAL LIVE BULL with ENOUGH EXPRIENCES, I will travel to Vietnam for couple weeks holiday but did not decide to where in Vietnam yet. What Im looking more than just rent escort and banging them. I WANNA MEET couples who are ASIANS OR MIX COUPLE where lady tiny ASIAN HOTWIFES. I see some MATURE...
  4. pic_38_big.jpg


  5. Tilda Blixen

    Morgan the Organ: A Size Queen Wife Story

    (Note: this story exists in e-book format, as well) Chapter 1 This all started when we went to see the movie Boogie Nights in the late 1990s. There’s a scene at the end where the super-hung porn-star hero unzips in front of a mirror and hauls out his enormous cock for all to see. For days...
  6. TNCpl

    Sensual to erotic massage for her

    Looking for a "technique and hands talented" gentleman to provide a sensual to erotic evening for a luscious hotwife. This can also include a couple for a four-handed experience. Before reading further, and in order to avoid wasting anyone's time, please have a massage table, oils, and tools of...
  7. Q

    Decent Male 35 from Dubai Would like to Give Massage to Female

    Hello Guy, I am 35 Male in Dubai belongs to India, Would like to give massage to female partner in couple or only women if its not couple.
  8. D

    Bull on the loose in Batavia Illinois tonight

    I am a 45 year old Bull looking to find a couple or a female to hangout with tonight. 6'3 220 athletic
  9. thicklover215

    Seeking professional Masseur - Southwest OH/North KY

    Any bulls with professional experience with massages?
  10. Lostinlongwood

    Looking for a masseuse in the (south of Orlando) Central Florida area

    Looking for an attractive, in shape masseuse who has a mobile table to service my wife and ease her into things over a few sessions. Need a pro here and I am willing to pay for your profession massage services.
  11. Massage and fucking asian slut

    Massage and fucking asian slut

    Massage and fucking asian slut
  12. A

    Bull in Sydney

    Masseur bull here from Sydney. check my profile for details. Ta.