1. Her hubby's view

    Her hubby's view

    She wanted some slow and deep strokes, and I showed her cuck how it's done 😏♠️
  2. Media_231107_011854.gif


    Wife with younger lover
  3. IMG_20231027.jpg


    Look how relaxed she is and spread wide to accept him... no fear =)
  4. Milf likes it hard

    Milf likes it hard

  5. 21afe363-4298-4d98-9f8a-d0f6da9311bf.jpeg


  6. 2833318-b683e933d98a6f50c222a51b873cc071.mp4


  7. 1664489265.126538.mov


  8. 20220606_160908.mov


    Filling her up with cum
  9. Getting a good pounding

    Getting a good pounding

  10. Sloppy sounds of fucking

    Sloppy sounds of fucking

    Me fucking my wife gently on holiday in missionary, cumming deep inside her tight, wet cunt
  11. Lam_Mis_7.jpg


    Getting ready for missionary
  12. Fucking Dre.m4v

    Fucking Dre.m4v

    Getting fucked by Dre Deep
  13. Spreading 4 Dre 2.jpg

    Spreading 4 Dre 2.jpg

    Why I stretch daily
  14. Mish.mp4


    Dre going balls deep
  15. 3F762D3D-B603-4D1A-823C-BDE853AC3B24.jpeg


    Asian spread
  16. Hard fuck

    Hard fuck

    she likes it hard, too hard :)
  17. so hot girlfriend.mp4

    so hot girlfriend.mp4

  18. pounding and creaming someone's wife in Illinois. (old video)

    pounding and creaming someone's wife in Illinois. (old video)

    this was an old video of me having a good time with this curvearous white woman in Illinois.
  19. Businessman fucks Cinn in his room.mp4

    Businessman fucks Cinn in his room.mp4

    He was a stranger in town on business, staying in a nice hotel. I escorted her to his room and they got busy right away.
  20. Wife with an older fuck buddy

    Wife with an older fuck buddy

    This is an older clip of wife in a hotel with one of her past fuck buddies