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  5. MnA Landon


  6. Kellgt40

    Let’s gangbang my wife

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  7. valleymoresomes

    Looking back on our first time bring another man into the bedroom

    I have been looking to share this story for some time now, just never knew where to tell it, and being new members here I thought it fitting to share it here with you all. This all took place a few years ago, and we have had many more encounters but the first is always the most exciting...
  8. cuckoldvanessa

    elegant, bi , kinky female loves to play with your girlfriend

    I am a BI , kinky, female from Europe and i love to play WIth couples. Your first time? Fine with me.. We meet in your Hotel room in Manhattan, we start with a cool drink and than i will Massage your girlfriend very slow and sensual. And kiss her all oder her body and than i go down in her. You...
  9. cuckoldvanessa

    where are the bulls in Manhattan, Boston and miami?

    I am a dominatrix from Europe and i offer cuckold session between Manhattan , Boston, Miami and los Angeles. Where are the hot and young Bulls ? Please send pm.
  10. R

    Bull in VA Looking for Hotwife.

    Looking around in the VA area for a new Hotwife. No problem working with others schedule. Based out of western side of the state willing to travel some. Feel free to reply kik also : wellthisisnew69
  11. Bloops

    Hi, I'm Bloops!

    Hello, everyone, I'm Bloops! I'm new here. I administrate this account with my boyfriend. I added a pic of me and the link to my tumblr, where you can see our real amateur content. We share our experiences there. I hope you like it. Please, tell me what you think :)...