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    I've literally just now been given permission by my boyfriend of 2 years to have casual sex with other guys. So I thought I should introduce myself.

    I'm 27 and never been in an open relationship before but my boyfriend has. He is white but he knows I find black men and by extension BBC very attractive. So about an hour ago we had "The Talk" as you probably all know what I mean and I officially have permission to have any sort of sexual...
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    We are curious on the lifestyle. Starting with her posting some pics.
  3. G

    25 Year Old Wannabe Hotwife

    Hi all, I'm a petite 25 year old girl, and I've loved the idea of cuckolding and chastity since a young age, before I even knew it was a fetish. It's an intoxicating mix of freedom and power, and to see a man's tortured and lustful eyes as I openly discuss my desires for another man ... I'm...
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    new to the site

    hi guys my name is Marcella im from Brazil im already a mother of a 1 year old little girl shes half white and half black but i am currently single this is a few pics of me if you guys want to know anything else dont be afraid to ask