25 Year Old Wannabe Hotwife


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Oct 4, 2019
Hi all, I'm a petite 25 year old girl, and I've loved the idea of cuckolding and chastity since a young age, before I even knew it was a fetish. It's an intoxicating mix of freedom and power, and to see a man's tortured and lustful eyes as I openly discuss my desires for another man ... I'm dripping wet just thinking about it.

The only issue is that I have not broached this subject with my current boyfriend of 5 years.
Whenever I casually mention that some people are into it, he sours immediately. It seems that he has firmly dug his heels into the sand about the issue.
We do engage in male chastity and femdom, but that only serves to deepen my desires. I love keeping him locked ... but it's torturous for me without being deeply fucked regularly.

So, until I can get what I want I just have to share my fantasies here. ;)

  • Gangbangs. Sex for the pure pleasure of it. Airtight, preferably.
  • Seduction. I love sex for the carnal pleasure, of course, but more so for the subtle game of it - the seducing and being seduced.
  • Being conquered. I briefly dated a stunningly hot young soldier. His sexy Russian accent made my knees weak, but more so did his sexy Russian temperament. He was masculine and strong and knew what he wanted. Which, very often, was me. He would kiss me feverishly, fucking me like hard as if to own me.
  • Affairs. There is something so exciting about a secret affair. Maybe with boyfriend's sexy best friend, maybe with that coworker I shared a secret drunk kiss with, maybe with a handsome stranger from the bar...
  • Stronger bond with boyfriend. It's easy to fall into a sexual lull, no matter how much love is there. And though boyfriend is no doubt the love of my life, I can't help but feel that the mixture of pleasure and pain, jealousy and desire, would make us see each other in new and better ways.
Anyway, that is my new girl ramble... Excited to meet you all and hear your experiences