1. F

    Back from a long break!

    Like the title says, not explicitly, I am not exactly new here. I have been a member for a little bit, but I have been away for some time! On that break, I explored my more dominant side and thought it would be a nice touch in this lifestyle! :devilish: I am a 27 year old bull from Canada...
  2. Malungi

    Introduction to my cuckold summer

    Hey @all! I deleted this thread because I got in a bit of a fight with my GF, nothing serious. But now I am back! I basically wrote some things about me, my GF and her lover in this first post but the action started later. Thankfully dido33 citaded it so I just copied the original text back...
  3. C

    From Eastern Europe with love

    Hello, everyone! After much thoughts, I decided to join this community and found new friends with whom can get new experience or discuss common fantasies. Now I'm lookin' for a relationships with woman with whom become cuckold and open new wonderful world Sorry for my English and from Eastern...
  4. Alanandmollie88

    Introducing Mollie and Alan

    Hey y’all! Wanted to post a quick message to introduce ourselves! We are Mollie and Alan. Both 34 and been happily married almost 16 years! Having an amazing time virtually exploring the LS as we are just getting our feet wet! We look forward to conversing on here and soaking in the...
  5. Her 1st Nude Live

    Her 1st Nude Live

  6. BigBadRigs

    There's a new black bull in town folks...

    Hello all, I am BigBadRigs, but you can call me Rigs for short. I am a bull in the DMV (DC, Maryland, NoVA) area. While I am new to this community, not new to the lifestyle. I love gaming, watching movies, eating good food, driving my Camaro, and visiting the beach in my spare time amongst...
  7. LittleBlackCuckCple

    New to the forum

    Hello, I am the male half of a cuckold couple located near Washington DC. We are in our late 20s and have been in and out of the lifestyle for the last 4 years or so. For some background information about myself, former college basketball player, 6'7 big black man. However there is a twist, my...
  8. Lucky Cucky Hubby

    New Cuck

    Tell Me Something About This Name. :)
  9. SharingIsCaring

    Formally introducing Monse

    Hi guys, I've been visiting this site for a while but I believe I have never introduced ourselves. We are a mid thirties couple from Argentina living in Spain atm. I'm the husband Javier, married to Monse since 2010. We have had one MFF threesome with one of Monse's friends a long time ago...
  10. G

    25 Year Old Wannabe Hotwife

    Hi all, I'm a petite 25 year old girl, and I've loved the idea of cuckolding and chastity since a young age, before I even knew it was a fetish. It's an intoxicating mix of freedom and power, and to see a man's tortured and lustful eyes as I openly discuss my desires for another man ... I'm...


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