Formally introducing Monse

Sep 23, 2019
South of Spain
Hi guys,

I've been visiting this site for a while but I believe I have never introduced ourselves.
We are a mid thirties couple from Argentina living in Spain atm.
I'm the husband Javier, married to Monse since 2010.

We have had one MFF threesome with one of Monse's friends a long time ago, and multiple MMF threesomes with 3 different friends.
After our last threesome with her ex-coworker-turned-friend went really wrong (he began to behave like an ass and tried to date her behind my back) we vowed not to play with people close to us anymore. The result has been that we've not had any more meets for two years now!

We have been looking to find a new long term friend to add to our sex life, but we had two guys who seemed perfect not show up and disappear. :cautious:
So last week we visited our first swingers club here in Sevilla to try out something completely new and out of our comfort zone.
It was frightening at first but we had a lot of fun (no interaction with other couples yet).

I'm here all alone to chat with likeminded people and swap stories, experiences, advice and pics. Monse unfortunately isn't interested in chat/cam etc :(
After some 'research' we consider ourselves a stag/vixen couple. I'm not into humiliation and I have no intentions to have Monse date other guy's without me at least present.

I had already created an album with a few pics of her marvelous butt.

Inspired by people asking about our experiences I decided to write them down so I don't have to type that much anymore :D
So i'll be sharing them here, starting with our first MMF experience.
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Sep 23, 2019
South of Spain
My wife Monse was 26 when we had our first threesome with another man.

I'll try to write down in detail HOW it could happen to begin with, as it was 100% unplanned.
I'll try to explain my emotions and actions as much as possible. Don't expect a long porn story ;)

A year before it happened she had surprised me by offering me to her best friend, which was our first experience with other people. From that moment on a threesome with another guy had not been in my mind at all. If anything I was fantasizing about ever repeating that threesome with her friend, or a full swap with another couple. She just discarded those 'requests' as silly.


So that day we went to a rave with some friends. There was us, another couple we knew, her best friend, another girl friend of hers and one of my best friends Ramon.
We had been experimenting with party drugs for a year or two and that night a few of us took an XTC pill and had a really great time!

As some of you might know XTC has a very social effect aside from the physical experience. I at least feel very connected to my friends and even some strangers you meet. Also I lose my inhibitions and feel more free to talk about anything I think or feel at that moment.

So that evening I was taking a break, having a drink with Ramon while my wife was on the dancefloor with a few of the others. She looked amazing in her white dress that showed off her curves really well. She still had a nice tan from the summer sun which looked even better with the white color of the dress. She dances really sexy, and at that moment she was sexier than ever.

Before I continue you have to know that I'm one of those guys that's very proud of his sexy lady. Unlike some men that get jealous I feel good about other men checking her out. In fact I encourage her to dress sexy as she is quite shy herself. We both are actually.

To describe her: she's short, 160 cm (5'2"), has a very 'curvy' ass and boobs, but with a small waist.
She has gained some weight since that day, but she still looks fantastic in my eyes.
She has long curly brown hair, and big brown eyes. I always call her my 'muñeca' which means 'doll' in Spanish.
Her favorite types of clothing are long dresses with a split, or shorter tight dresses/skirts. Sleeveless is a must, and she's finally ok with showing her breasts a bit more. And heels of course to finish it off.
This is how she dresses when we go out, at home it's mostly easy fitting stuff ;)

So I was chatting with my friend, my eyes still on her when I suddenly asked him what he thought of my wife!
I just blurted it out and it took him by surprise. He answered something like 'yeah she's really nice, I like her'.
He has known her since we met 3 years ago, and they had become good friends too. But that was not what I meant to ask ;)
So I said to him that I wanted to know what he thought of her physically. And he blurted out again that she looked nice, really nice. She always does he said. I understood by then that I either needed to ask the question more clearly, or he needed to be encouraged to speak more freely :D
So I asked him if he found her hot, and told him to be frank about it. Then finally he admitted he found her hot and that he loved her curly hair and eyes.
I asked him if he liked her ass and he admitted that too, he didn't have a choice though because I knew he liked big asses ;)

I felt so excited, the XTC was on it's peak, I felt pure love for everyone and also was feeling more horny by the minute. I felt the urge to touch Monse, and I also felt the desire to have my friend feel her up! And that desire felt completely normal at that moment! No confusion, no shame, nothing! I wanted him to desire her body like I did.

I then asked him to follow me and we went up on the dance floor to dance a bit with her and her friend, the others had taken a break by then. I moved behind her and put my hands on her hip, moving in the same rhythm as her. Ramon was facing her. I moved my hands around a bit, caressing her hips, her ass and belly. She was all sweaty and dancing so sexy, high on the XTC enjoying the music. I even cupped her breasts a bit and she didn't even react. Ramon kept dancing around us, but kept his eyes on us.

I felt really, really good, in fact I don't think I ever felt THAT good on XTC. And I still felt the urge to literally share my girl with my friend! So I whispered in her ear that I wanted her to dance with Ramon and see them dance like we did. She just nodded and continued dancing. I nudged over Ramon to come behind her with me and moved to the side give him the room to replace me. I took his hand and placed it on her hip. He looked at me smiling and placed his other hand on her hips too.
It seems he had lost all his inhibitions too :)

I moved in front of her and watched her dance. She looked so sexy, her dark brown eyes either closed or wide open, sometimes biting her lip while she moved her hips with Ramons hand glued on them.
I wondered if she even noticed it was someone else pressed against her ass.
Her friend was still dancing around us, but she either didn't care what was happening or didn't notice.

Horniness had completely taken over my mind and I wanted him to see her touch the rest of her body and kiss her there right in front of me. I am sure this is the moment that this sexual urge to see my girl with another man was born. I had NEVER before desired anything like this. She was MY girl and other men may look, but not touch ;)
I tried to sign to Ramon to move his hands over her body, and he did, but very carefully, he touched her belly, her hips and even a bit of her ass, but he didn't dare to go any further than that.

I moved closer myself and held her from the other side, pushing Ramons's hands a bit down.
She looked at me with a big smile and kept her eyes locked with me. I was totally in love. And I kissed her. Very passionately. Ramon had seen that as a sign to back off, so when we stopped kissing I told him to approach us again and I held our 3 heads together and said some mushy stuff like that I loved her and him as a brother and I hoped we would be friends forever blabla. That kind of stuff.

Then I asked Monse to kiss him too. Just like that. As if I had asked her to give him a sip of her drink :). And she moved her head towards him and kissed him. Just like that, still with that smile.
I was floating and felt like all other people around us had vanished and just the three of us were left. I looked at her, french kissed her and then said to her "now like that". She smiled and locked her lips with his for a proper french kiss.
I remember feeling like I came instantly in my pants, but it probably was some pre-cum oozing out!
My hands were trembling from excitement. My wife had just kissed my friend and it was hot! So damn hot!
By then her friend came towards us too, probably to check out what the fuck the three of us we were doing there, and when Monse saw her she hugged her and kissed her on the mouth. Apparently she was ready to share the love too ;)
She acted a bit surprised but laughed about it. She said something like "it looks like everyone is loving everyone here today huh". We all laughed and went to get something to drink.

I was still floating, on one hand disappointed that we stopped what we had going, on the other hand everything still felt perfect (yay XTC) so we went happily to get a drink.
I whispered in Monse's ear if she didn't mind kissing Ramon but she looked at me and nodded her head making clear that everything was fine. She reacted as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

We stayed for a while more, some of our friends left, and we were left with Ramon, another friend and Monse's friend. They would all share a cab going home, but I wanted Ramon to come with us, so when our friends indicated they were going home too I made sure to convince Ramon to stay a bit longer and assuring that we would make sure he would get home. So they both left together and left Ramon with us.
By now the effect of the pill was coming down, and we had to choose to take a little bit more or go home. Normally I would have wanted to stay, but I really wanted to go home and take Ramon with us. So I proposed to go outside and hail a cab, and they agreed.
While waiting for the cab I tried to convince Ramon to stay with us for the night, so we could chill at home together the next day. Monse also invited him over and he agreed.
I was hoping to get them to fondle each other and kiss again, but I wasn't sure if it would still be possible, still, I had to try!
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Sep 23, 2019
South of Spain

So when we got home we all got a quick shower as we reeked. We all got comfortable and sat down on our couch in our underwear and shirts. Monse was wearing what I believe is called a neglige. Like a thin silky nightgown, quite short, no sleeves. She was not wearing a bra anymore but was wearing panties. Nothing fancy.

We talked a bit waiting while the effects of the xtc were getting less by the minute. I was still feeling warm inside though, and was still horny. Monse was sitting to my right, leaning with her back on my shoulder, her legs up on the couch. I had my arm around her shoulders and I slowly began to caress her arm and her boob through her clothing. I felt the need to feel her up in front of my friends, but I was a bit nervous about scaring her if I went to fast, so I build it up slowly.

I know very well what gets her hot, so that's what I did, caressing her boobs, caressing her inner thigh. So I had my right hand playing with her right boob and my left hand between her legs, trying to make some room to move it up and down her thigh. Ramon meanwhile was watching from the other side of the couch.

I began to kiss her neck which should deliver the killer blow and it definitely did! She was already enjoying every touch on her skin, extra sensitive skin thanks to the XTC. When I began to kiss her neck she semi-protested saying something like 'don't do that, please'. I continued anyway and began to play with her nipple too.

As I told before Monse is very shy, at least she was back then and under normal circumstances she probably would have ended it there, but that night she just allowed it and she tilted her head back giving me more room to kiss her. I also moved her legs slightly more apart so I could move up a bit more, getting close to her pussy. She just gave in mumbling something about me being a basterd. But I still wanted more.

I was really, really nervous and my entire body was shaking. I still wanted my friend to touch her everywhere. Till this day I don't understand where this sudden urge came from, but at that moment I was just in the sharing mood :)
I knew that I had to act or my chance might pass by, so I told my friend to come sit closer to her and help me out a bit. He looked a bit nervous too and later he told me he was unsure if I was joking or not, but I insisted and he moved next to her, his leg touching her. But his hands were still on his own body. So I asked him to caress her arms and legs, saying that she was enjoying the extra sensitivity of the xtc.

So he slowly put his hand on her arm, moved it down to her leg and caressed her bare skin. Monse reacted the same way to his touch as to mine, with a deep sigh. I found it very erotic to see her enjoy it that strongly.
We had taken XTC before and when we got back home there was a lot of touching and cuddling.

I moved my hands back to her boobs, massaged them for a second and then pulled her gown down a bit to expose a boob. Then I took the other boob and exposed that as well. I said to Ramon something like 'let's share equally' and we both played with her boobs for a while. This was exactly what I had been dreaming of that entire night! It felt so hot, seeing her with her eyes closed, her boobs exposed, and my friend touching her breast and kissing her neck. She looked tiny besides him.

Ramon is quiet big, 1.88. Which would translate to 6'2". Well built too, not athletic, but not skinny either.
His father is a black Colombian, his mother a very white Spanish woman. His skin is quite white though, considering his father is really dark.

By now Ramon was sucking on her nipple and caressing her legs, moving up towards her pussy, he seemed to have lost all inhibitions and so had Monse, so I stopped being nervous and overthinking and just acted!
My first act was to take of my underwear. Although I was really aroused my cock was still semi-erect. Downside from the XTC. I took Monse's hand and placed it on my cock for her to play with it until it grew further. Ramon had pulled up her nightgown a bit up exposing her panties and was now playing with her pussy through her wet panties while still sucking on her tits. I asked them to kiss each other and they immediately embraced in a long hot kissing session. Fuck that was so hot to see! I felt some type of jealousy for a few seconds, but it felt GOOD, like everything feels good when on XTC.

I got up, my cock still trying to get to it's full strength and moved towards her legs to take of her panties, giving Ramon the opportunity to properly play with her pussy. When he did she pulled her legs together, as if it was too much, but I pulled them back so I could see his fingers go in and out.
Back then she had not ever squirted yet, but she loved to be fingered hard and quick.

I 'commanded' Ramon "take off your pants" and he obliged. Ramon took of all his clothes and his cock WAS already hard. Mine was still semi-erect, I was hoping that Monse could get it hard with her mouth.
For those interested, his cock is not a BBC, I guess around 17-18 cm, but thicker than mine. And it's a bit darker dan his skin, but not really black. It still makes a real nice contrast with Monse's white pussy lips though.
Sep 23, 2019
South of Spain
THE ACTION (the very short version)

Anyway, it is not my intention to write down a play-by-play of what we did, as the important part of this story is how it all started for us and how I made that switch in my head for the first time.
I can say that we had a fantastic experience where we enjoyed each others bodies in the best possible way.
It was more of a loving threesome than a 'porn' threesome, there was no rough play or exotic positions yet.

Keep in mind that we were very inexperienced and still quiet shy.

I did manage to get that hard-on, but failed to cum the entire night! And we really tried :D
Don't do drugs people ;)

We slept a few hours and the next morning we had another short session after which Ramon got showered and went home.

If you'd like to hear more about this part just let me know ;)


Now as I said we were all still under the influence of the XTC. So while during that high we experienced everything that happened as natural it was not!
The next day we both felt a bit akward and nervous. We both believed we had done something that the other would repent and we were both nervous to bring it up. When it did came up (she was the courageous one) we talked about it and realized neither of us was sorry about what happened. I was afraid she would feel pushed into it because I was so obsessed by it. And she was afraid that I would think she was a slut for cheating on me with my friend and that I would dump her!

So with that out of our way we could relax about it and enjoy the afterglow of what has happened.
It was really strange having to go back to work on Monday after the amazing stuff that you had experienced that weekend. It felt very surreal. I wanted to shout it of the rooftops but of course you can't.
The only person I could share it with at that moment aside from Monse was Ramon, so we chatted a lot about it the weeks afterwards, even making plans to set up a repeat, which unfortunately never materialized.

We didn't share this experience with him anymore. It was amazing, but he was starting to go out with a girl and after a few weeks they became a couple and so he became unavailable.

We had to wait for a full year before we had a new, very different experience with my best friend!
If there is any interest I will write about that one too.