1. naughtycouple2323

    Rate my wife please

    So my wife has put on a tiny bit of weight over lockdown and now thinks she is fat and not keen on meeting up with anyone. I want to prove to her she is still sexy and very fuckable.
  2. M

    American filipina couples first experience. (Quite an eye opener)

    My name is Dave I'm late 30s and my filipina wife Marie is in her mid 20s. I've always been the advenerous one in out relationship, Marie is very shy and conservative. About me I'm almost 6' tall medium build, good looks and very charming (so I'm told ) and I've got a good 7 inch dick with good...
  3. hagolfh3

    Exposing the wife where we live

    I’m sure most guys here love for other guys to see their wives naked. How many guys have shown naked pics of your wife to other guys in person? I’m no different, I get a huge hard on seeing other guys looking at my wife naked and not just her body but her face too, I love knowing that guys that...
  4. 20200921_012129 (2).jpg

    20200921_012129 (2).jpg

  5. RickthePilot76

    New wannabe stag here from Niagara Falls

    Straight Male that is NOT into cleanup would absolutely love to see my wife fool around with another guy. We've talked about it but she says she's not Interested even though that was a fantasy of hers when she was younger. This leaves me with just sharing her nude photos. Any advice?
  6. Iamthestag


  7. 101_2322.JPG


    McBoobers Heather taking a fat cock
  8. McBoobers

    Heather loves being cocked and tributed

    Heather wants your cocks and cum
  9. C

    Cock my wife. Kik:Caramela_01

    Cock my wife. Kik:Caramela_01
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    Girlfriend changing in car.
  11. L

    Wife's huge boobs

    She makes heads turn.
  12. D

    Any Hot Wives in LA or OC?

    Looking to help a couple or hot wife out with some fun from a fit gentleman with class. 6ft 195lbs experienced straight
  13. Redram

    Let's see them wives bent over in the kitchen!

    Let's see them wives bent over in the kitchen!
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  15. J

    Cum tribute

    Cum tribute my wife's ass guys tell me what you would to her
  16. myslut714

    My Slut Wife Collection

    I have pics of my wife throughout this site so lets put it all one post. Enjoy.
  17. M


  18. Can you please repost this?

    Can you please repost this?

    slut needing some help to get fully exposed
  19. Repost this everywhere you can!

    Repost this everywhere you can!

    Please repost this wherever you can!
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