1. O

    Wifes past sexual experiences

    Is it just me or do you also love it when your girl talks about her past sexual history... I love it when she tells me how she's been fucked, or how many guys have cum inside of her. The places she's fucked or the crazy things she's done with other men and women... Let's share some great...
  2. SharingIsCaring

    Formally introducing Monse

    Hi guys, I've been visiting this site for a while but I believe I have never introduced ourselves. We are a mid thirties couple from Argentina living in Spain atm. I'm the husband Javier, married to Monse since 2010. We have had one MFF threesome with one of Monse's friends a long time ago...
  3. A

    So much I’ve ALWAYS wanted to share

    I’ve known that sharing hotwife experiences and cuckold experiences are what turn me on the most since I was 15, which is when I experienced it for the first time. Actually, possibly even sooner than that. I actually think the first time it unknowingly turned me on is when I found out my parents...