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  1. T

    Boyfriend starting to look into sharing for GF

    I need advice and potentially resources. However, I think significant context is needed So me (M25) and my gf (F23) and I will send twitter porn back and forth when we are in the mood. We have been dating for just over a year and we are incredibly sexually compatible. She's very submissive and...
  2. M

    Any wives in Orlando?

    New to Orlando. Looking for wives.
  3. L

    Bull seeking couples/mature women in Asheville NC

    Single white young bull in the Asheville area looking to help with someones fantasy’s
  4. vishnu9637

    If you want some fun?

    Hey i am boring and jerking at home cause u know. If U want some fun like live cam or pics sharing of ur wives justmsg me
  5. T

    Young 26 year old man looking for a fun couple to have fun

    Hi I’m a young 26 year old college guy located in southern California who is looking to have some fun with a beautiful couple I’m 5 ft 8 inches with a thick dick 136 pounds I have a slight physical disability which is called cerebral palsy which mainly affects . Common questions People ask...