newbie tips

  1. C

    Newbie here!

    Hi there, I'm a 25 year old guy from the U.K. I'm in a 5 year relationship with my girlfriend (also 25)
  2. Hedgehog

    My fiancée

    My fiancée knows about this kink, cuckolding and she likes it. We're both new to it and I fantasize about her having sex with other men. How do we actually start?👀
  3. SuperPatch

    She’s naughtier than I thought

    We’re happily married, have a good sex life, together 15 yrs & are both a bit deviant. Last night she told me she wants to find men in their 50’s that want to “PAY” her to suck & fuck them, says she wants some regular clients, that’s what really gets her wet. I’m so excited, can’t wait for her...
  4. Wifey 1

    Wifey 1

  5. K

    Tips for first in person cuck

    Hi everyone, New member here! Question, my wife and I recently agreed to enter a full time cuck/hotwife relationship. She has cucked me before but not in person. We are currently in the early planning stages of our first in person experience as a full time cuck couple. Any tips or tricks...
  6. W

    New young 25 year old bull located in Wisconsin

    Was wondering how do you couples find males to play with your wife’s ? And to the males what’s worked the best for you to find alike minded couples near you? Seems I’m having a hard time finding any in Wisconsin or close
  7. D

    Looking for advice to help wife become a hot wife!

    Hi everyone! Just found this site, and love the vibe of the community. I am a 33 year old guy, married, with my wife (33) for 6 years, from Melbourne, AUS. Recently I've shared with her my desire for her to sleep with other men and/or women, which she was flat out not keen on. We've further...