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    Paying homage to Sir's cock
  2. Leicester Sub (Short1)

    Leicester Sub (Short1)

    Part of a video I made of myself and a subbie many, many years ago (Yes, you can tell by the quality!!). Recently found in my archives and uploaded especially for Jenny :)
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  4. Subbie enjoying Sir's cock

    Subbie enjoying Sir's cock

    This cucked subbie was left in my company, by her inadequate husband, once a week. He was never allowed to fuck her! Her breasts were enormous and were also very heavy. I found them ideal for binding, and many other forms of bondage :)
  5. Blonde cucked wife and subbie pleasuring me

    Blonde cucked wife and subbie pleasuring me

    Nothing pleases a bull more than a cucked wife with enjoyable oral skills!
  6. altamira

    Swap Husband's for a Night?

    Looking for a wife that will swap her ol' man out with me for a night. Here's a few photos of me so both of you can see what he'll be getting. I will want you to do the same -show me photos of yourself, so we can all be in agreement about the swap being worth while. If things workout, and...
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    My Wife's Fetlife Photos