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    Going Down Hard on T
  2. who wants to lick

    who wants to lick

    ready for play
  3. Stephanie 69

    Stephanie 69

    hotwife stephanie romantically 69ing her date
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  6. Wantregularbbc

    Anybody here

    Hey in the great city of Blythe, California please tell me I might be able to have drinks with a woman who ever she is. It's pretty bad here, maybe eat your pussy and ass till you can't take it, feed you my cock and slide it in
  7. British Cucked wife orally pleasuring me......

    British Cucked wife orally pleasuring me......

    .....and her hubby finishes himself off, too!!
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  9. Leicester Sub (Short1)

    Leicester Sub (Short1)

    Part of a video I made of myself and a subbie many, many years ago (Yes, you can tell by the quality!!). Recently found in my archives and uploaded especially for Jenny :)
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  11. Subbie enjoying Sir's cock

    Subbie enjoying Sir's cock

    This cucked subbie was left in my company, by her inadequate husband, once a week. He was never allowed to fuck her! Her breasts were enormous and were also very heavy. I found them ideal for binding, and many other forms of bondage :)
  12. Blonde cucked wife and subbie pleasuring me

    Blonde cucked wife and subbie pleasuring me

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    Swap Husband's for a Night?

    Looking for a wife that will swap her ol' man out with me for a night. Here's a few photos of me so both of you can see what he'll be getting. I will want you to do the same -show me photos of yourself, so we can all be in agreement about the swap being worth while. If things workout, and...
  14. T

    My Wife's Fetlife Photos