1. 83264.jpeg


    My sexy maid outfit...
  2. IMG_9365.mov


    Duck duck goose
  3. IMG_9370.jpeg


  4. IMG_9369.jpeg


    Duck in there
  5. Verde

    How she looks right now next yo you??

    Sounds sexy to have your ladies as sit next to you watching tv or just do some housework...which lady will win??
  6. B

    Your Wife’s Sexiest Outfit

    Thought it would be fun to see all the beautiful hot wives in their go to sexy outfits. The one they wear when they got their favorite Bull coming over and just know they are gonna be pleasured all night long. I’ll start off with a pic of my regular fuckbuddy. She always knows how to get me...
  7. ClassyWife (1)

    ClassyWife (1)

  8. wife_kay

    New here, wife says hi :)

    Went away for a couple of nights and teased me endlessly in this outfit.
  9. L

    HUSBAND loved It!

  10. kayla_mike

    What would you do?

    If you walk in on her like this, knowing she's married. How do think things would unfold? 7558