1. 2259110E-2656-4F87-A290-C1CDDDDC9758.jpeg


    My wife wore some super sexy panties to bed.
  2. 8B273488-25D7-4CA4-ACF5-580CB79F2690.jpeg


    My wife wore some super sexy panties to bed.
  3. 2E93D159-AEF9-4A3A-99D7-C15EB7EF70A1.jpeg


    My wife looking around behind her.
  4. 4D668DA7-25E0-4513-BBC0-9B402E93675F.jpeg


    My wife from the back. I love her hair and booty. Thoughts?!?
  5. 38733A00-F536-4BA3-9400-0A200912576F.jpeg


    My wife wore some super sexy panties to bed. Framed her booty nicely. What are your thought?
  6. 3A795AB0-1EC3-4D85-A13D-C823BC78E32F.jpeg


    My wife’s booty! Framed nicely.
  7. 72291DE7-EC66-4295-92F7-3E03EF8B9702.jpeg


    My wife wore some super sexy panties to bed. This shows how sexy she is. What are your thoughts?!?
  8. A377C0FE-8CD8-4FC5-B859-DBF976705068.jpeg


    Getting undressed after a nice workout.
  9. 1D508706-CB11-40CE-B17E-ED0715B33181.jpeg


    Getting undressed after a nice workout.
  10. 6A4D502D-9D7B-412A-A3A9-A9F01DAA771D.jpeg


    Getting undressed after a nice workout.
  11. 1C6671B0-2D03-4BA5-BE18-3AB9B0379C41.jpeg


    Fixing her hair
  12. 91F2EAFA-D31E-4A1B-A187-77C35CBC80F3.jpeg


    I love my wife’s booty. This is a favorite pic of mine.
  13. 25EF6087-0099-4041-B23E-4BF160DA850B.jpeg


    This is a pic of my wife. Let us know what you think.
  14. 06DC35A3-49F3-449E-AA7D-0C13C4E40B63.jpeg


    This is a pic of my wife. Let us know what you think.
  15. 5D21406B-324A-4CA7-89D3-A396F9E85F49.jpeg


    This is a pic of my wife. Let us know what you think.
  16. DarquesPassion

    Panty Wanking

    Through my contact with many cuckhubbie's (or "cuckpartners"), and many other guys into panty fetishes, I have found guys who love the dynamic of meeting other guys, partner's used/worn panties "in hand", and using them to wank them off.....often mutually....either publicly, or in a private...
  17. DarquesPassion

    Eva's hubby wants comments from al

    A cuckhubby has been in contact with me, and asked me to set up a gallery for his wife on another site. However, he has also asked me to post some of her pics on my other favourite sites, as he loves to hear comments about her......and what bulls, and other guys think of her....and want to do...
  18. levforidag

    Wife upskirt.

    We were sitting on the couch when I decided we needed some pictures of the panties and pussy.
  19. White5andahalf

    Best Buns Contest!

    Please post your pictures of your buns if you think you got what it takes. Please members only, women and men categories, we have all seen the images on the Internet.I guess the winning is determined by the most Likes. Contest end October 1, 2019. This is my attempt, I need to hit the gym to...
  20. DarquesPassion

    Could you be cucked to do this (and more!) behind your partner's back??

    I am interested to hear from guys who share a similar panty fetish, either openly or candidly, and would do something similar. Or, maybe, you would allow another guy into your wife's panty drawer to do the same??