1. 4

    My GIF album of things I've done and like to do with my wife.

    Hey, hope you enjoy these hot little gifs, feel free to comment. Maybe I'll make some gifs from vids of the wife.
  2. flirtywife4fun

    1st time sharing pics of my wife...hope you like :)

    1st time sharing pics of my wife...we would both like to know what you think of her as so horny to hear...makes me hard and her even wetter :)
  3. bronzecpl


    Wife loves to tease and fuck!
  4. Sluttylaura88

    Me and my friend are the entertainment tonight

    how's the views tonight boys
  5. Sluttylaura88

    Relaxing care to join

    just relaxing at home u like the outfit
  6. Sluttylaura88

    Let em part 2

    I let em cut my bra off but by insisted shorts should be ripped off
  7. Sluttylaura88

    Party fun

    let the boys rip off my clothes at the party now can't find my bra that problem?
  8. Sluttylaura88

    Pretty in pink

    Bf says this outfit just fine what u think
  9. Her black panties 2

    Her black panties 2

  10. Her Black panties

    Her Black panties

  11. N

    New member, North East UK Wife

    North East UK Wife, hoping to get her into the sharing lifestyle. Have posted her pics for a while now (not this site) and she likes to read all the comments she gets send by hung guys telling her what they would like to do to her. Also likes receiving tribute pics and seeing how hard she makes...
  12. kayla_mike

    A creamy - vote

    Oops... sticky, messy panties! Remember to vote :P 7561
  13. Sluttylaura88

    gf shows off

    Stripping for friends bday present and his friends to enjoy
  14. L

    Sexy wife louise dressed to tease hubby.

    Comment on my pictures. If you like I'm sure hubby and I will post more. Don't hold back on your comments as my hubby sure don't. Look forward to reading your comments however sexy. Xx