1. A4504A5C-7A54-4090-B5C7-79920F526F12.jpeg


    On the floor of our friend’s living room while everyone was asleep.
  2. D7D2340D-3E06-4E69-93B4-2D5BDF53CC2C.jpeg


    “Don’t take my panties off”
  3. W

    Post your wife’s panties

    Panties had to come off
  4. My cute little butt

    My cute little butt

    Love showing my ass
  5. Petite


    I like to say fun sized
  6. Showing off in a thong

    Showing off in a thong

    Love to hear your thoughts!
  7. btweets

    Smelling and tasting women’s worn/used panties..

    I have a strong fetish for smelling and tasting women’s dirty worn and/or used panties! I’ve had it since I was rather young, I remember even smelling my sisters dirty panties from the laundry basket. I didn’t actually know why I was doing it, but I just loved the smell. As I grew up and began...
  8. IMG_20200904_183232-01.jpeg


    Your wife left her panties at my house. I can still smell her pussy on them
  9. photo jul 11, 2 35 58 am (1) (2).jpg

    photo jul 11, 2 35 58 am (1) (2).jpg

    Take me
  10. C


  11. ATT_1429079262752_IMG-20150413-WA0000 (1).jpg

    ATT_1429079262752_IMG-20150413-WA0000 (1).jpg

    Friends wife
  12. DarquesPassion

    Panty fun! How far will YOUR wife/GF/fuckbuddy/subbie go???

    I had the great pleasure in tasking this subbie to stuff her panties into her gaping pussy, and then pull them out during a video made for me. She then put them back on and peed through them. How far will YOUR wife/GF/fuckbuddy/subbie go???
  13. 3D6129BC-587D-4C1B-AE18-19FDA4016C73.jpeg


    My wife is going to slowly show off her panties. Love these pics!
  14. D9CD49AC-5455-47D5-AAFE-EA6FA4D724A0.jpeg


    Wife in her panties.
  15. 73965E6C-D4CC-4D09-93AC-2397A8A36B0C.jpeg


    My wife showing her panties. 😉😊
  16. 513B0CEE-B7B9-4A40-8827-9E332D415545.jpeg


    My wife likes to hear what you think. If you have a chance, let her know what you think. 😉😊
  17. 9E1D8476-7FC2-4332-A1AA-3027E3930EE9.jpeg


    My wife likes to hear what you think. If you have a chance, let her know what you think. 😉😊
  18. White5andahalf

    Cuckold in Panties?

    Does your wife require you to wear panties? My wife makes me wear panties to show how small my 2.5" white penis is. Phil C
  19. DarquesPassion

    Wife/GF panty sharing and mutual masturbation (London/UK)

    For quite a while, I have been in touch with a panty fetishist in London who enjoys meeting other guys, armed with their wives worn/dirty panties, with a view to enjoying a mutual wanking session with them. If you are interested in being put in touch with him, or just discussing this fetish...
  20. 2259110E-2656-4F87-A290-C1CDDDDC9758.jpeg


    My wife wore some super sexy panties to bed.