1. add us in ... name as massage manila philippines.mp4

    add us in ... name as massage manila philippines.mp4

  2. The Mound

    The Mound

    Such an underrated part of the female anatomy. The girl from Samar had such a well developed Venus Mound.


    When you've been in the Philippines for a long time, a girl from Europe seems exotic.
  4. christmas present.jpg

    christmas present.jpg

    Using her Christmas present for the first time.
  5. the heart.jpg

    the heart.jpg

    Falling in love with the Philippines.
  6. Samar delicacy.jpg

    Samar delicacy.jpg

    Melody: A girl who knows what she likes.
  7. the rooming house.jpg

    the rooming house.jpg

    Those who don't know the Philippines, won't know about the delights that await you in the 'rooming house' . This is where a young woman can live cheaply, away from the prying eyes of Mom and Pop. A bit downmarket from a boarding house, it nevertheless provides all the essentials - a bed and privacy
  8. closeupJeanine.jpg


    A golden oldie: A close-up of Jeanine
  9. the presentation.jpg

    the presentation.jpg

    Circumcision is almost universal in the Philippines, where it is called Tuli, so the sight of an uncircumcised cock is an intriguing sight for many Filipinas.
  10. nipa_hut.jpg


    There are no secrets in the Philippines: the "cousins" of your girlfriend are everywhere and the bamboo walls of the traditional nipa hut allow EVERY sound of your lovemaking to travel around the neighbourhood.
  11. filipina.jpg


    There are many wonders of nature to be seen and admired in the Philippines. This is just one of them ....
  12. morefun.jpg


    It's more fun in the Philippines.
  13. cebu.jpg


    On top of the situation in Cebu.
  14. talisay2.jpg


    Dressed but ready to undress.
  15. fun in philippines.jpg

    fun in philippines.jpg

    It's definitely more fun in the Philippines.
  16. viewofphilippines.jpg


    The Philippines has over 7,000 islands to explore, but the best explorations are always to be had in your very own bedroom.
  17. Transparent panties.jpg

    Transparent panties.jpg

    Show him the bush.
  18. charlotte.jpg


    Charlotte takes my friend's cock
  19. Nelly.jpg


    The raw beauty of Asia
  20. hot housework.jpg

    hot housework.jpg

    When the air conditioning goes down it has its compensations.