1. Sunnyslander

    I'll change my phone screen to your wife

    Send your wife and my phone or lock screen changes
  2. P

    A phone call I'd love/hate to receive

    This is a jack off fantasy I had this morning after my wife left for work. It was inspired largely by my post yesterday about my sister-in-law coming to stay with us for a while and how it might inspire a cucking. Hope you enjoy. My phone rings. It's my wife calling. I pick up with my...
  3. 559F7DBC-FA47-44B3-A06F-2BA84632648A.jpeg


    Husband foundling my breasts while talking to friend… both of them having a hard on - flattering :-)
  4. 16EB5820-EEC3-4037-B4EA-2320B3B5A237.jpeg


    He loved me calling him… hot to have a sexy man in phone while husband watching me.
  5. AA2CE0B9-6E56-4523-98AC-CF147B0D9C04.jpeg


    Calling our friend for some hot talking
  6. nT_sp7xdc440kzft3bf5gjq51g6.jpg


    Girls can learn so much from their phones.
  7. N


  8. phoenix98186

    Phone Date

    She is 29, 5’6’’ about 125lbs with a thin waist and 34C breasts, mixed (half black) and sexy as hell. She loves to suck dick and is a wildcat in the bedroom. Sarah had been fucking a guy from work for a couple of years. He was heavily muscled with a nice and fat 8 inch dick. Many times she...