1. S

    Wife, print

    who prints pictures of my wife and puts them on the street
  2. hotwifelexy

    Hot wife Calendar 2023 idea

    Hey we have an idea of a hot wife Calendar. I know this has been done before but hear me out... Why don't we create a group or page with hotwife pic entries. 1 pic per hotwife. Now I'm thinking we could create 2 calendars one that's xxx rated, ie cumshots anal all sorts... Then another which...
  3. A

    Petite Teen Girlfriend Needs Jerk Tributes Cumtributes

    Looking for people to do any naughty stuff for my girlfriend. Want jerk tributes, cumtributes, printed, posted in public/online, and used as wallpapers. I’m down for any suggestions dm me!
  4. IMG_4173.MOV