1. naturalcucky

    Do you still remember what was the first picture you uploaded of your wife to the public media?

    Please post your own first photo. This was mine, 7 years ago (2013. 09. 27.) :
  2. Darepub-2 (2).jpg

    Darepub-2 (2).jpg

    Drunk Slut dancing: surrounded by unknown hunks and hands running all over her body... "I like to drink and dance while strnagers feel me all over"--Jaaz Sries here
  3. DSC01283 (Medium)-1.jpg

    DSC01283 (Medium)-1.jpg

  4. phoenix98186

    Garage Snack

    She is 27, 5’6’’ about 125lbs with a thin waist and 34C breasts, mixed (half black) and sexy as hell. She loves to suck dick and is a wildcat in the bedroom. We were on a date to the harbor near our house. We had enjoyed some nice Thai food and were walking around the shopping district when her...
  5. Screenshot_2019-03-24-17-14-14.png


    Pussy of wife
  6. S

    I love to flash my husband and let other men see.

    I love to flash my husband and let others see. I try to do it discretely, like an up skirt or nipple slip. Then we will find a secluded place and he bends me over. Love it!
  7. kitten7


    Kitten showing her pretty pussy
  8. What's up y'all

    What's up y'all