1. S

    Sexy Hotwifey

    Hey!!! I’m new to the scene. Well, kinda new, kinda not now I guess. I’ve been married for over ten years and fucked my first bbc a couple months ago. It is definitely addicting… I plan to set up another date soon. If your into a real hotwife with cuckolding and POV handjobs and blowjobs of me...
  2. KPNobody

    Any German?

  3. T

    Bull20 (Germany/Mannheim) seeking for cuckoldcouple/ hoteife/ cuckquean

    I am a young Bull (20y old) from Germany/Mannheim and i am looking for cuckold couples/cuckqueans/hotwifes I also like milfs so age isnt a problem for me Kik: Karsa_1
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    Unfortunately only a temporary tattoo
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    My wife waiting for something amazing
  9. IEcplseeking

    Another Cali Couple

    We are another Cali couple looking for local people for long term play. We are in the I.E. Check out our profile for more info and email us. :)