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  4. H

    My husband wants me to become a Hotwife but am insecure with my body and looks. Do you guys find me attractive at all?

    My husband has had this fetish for quite some time but I’m scared I’ll get turned down and shatter my self esteem. What do you honestly think about me? Would I even be considered a Hotwife?
  5. U

    How to become culkold husband

    Hi good day, me and my wife already married for 1 year. She is religious teacher but very open in sexual communication. She know about my crazy culkold fantasy each time i have talk about that and she just fantasy and said her cannot do that. i attached my wife pictures. She is wearing...
  6. IEcplseeking

    Another Cali Couple

    We are another Cali couple looking for local people for long term play. We are in the I.E. Check out our profile for more info and email us. :)