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Feb 13, 2020
Hi good day, me and my wife already married for 1 year. She is religious teacher but very open in sexual communication.

She know about my crazy culkold fantasy each time i have talk about that and she just fantasy and said her cannot do that.

i attached my wife pictures. She is wearing Niqab. Usually i have sex with my wife as role playing (teacher,robber, student and so on) and her wear Niqab during sex. IMG_20171112_230702.jpg

I like her to become hot wife while wear Niqab and have sex with other bull that more powerful from me. I want to see her "inner devil" to expose.

I also like to fantasies she denied my sex with her when i want and she said her vagina belong to bull.

Also i would like her dominate me on daily basis. So how come i can tap her "inner queen " to dominate me? I know inside her, have "inner" waiting to be tap and expose.

Above picture are roll playing during our sex intercourse. I play as student and she as religious teachers.