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  1. Charlie12

    Hii Everyone

    Hey there. I'm hoping to get off before bed. Any F or couples interested in sexting/Snap/Cam2Cam/swap/etc ? Feel free to message me with what you're into, I'm fairly flexible and open :) Snap: asada1602
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  5. VID_20210716_202637 FULL - bj f4 - Trim.mp4

    VID_20210716_202637 FULL - bj f4 - Trim.mp4

    We are looking for couples to join us
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  7. B

    Big bull seeking online slut or offline

    Im a big bull with a 7+ inch cock I smashed many wives frol this forum and if u seem to be interested, DM me
  8. S

    Would you let a young bull sext your wife/girlfriend??

    Hey! Just a UK BWC looking for cucks who aren't afraid to let their wives or girlfriend talk to me with the intention of getting to know them a bit and seeing where it leads... If thats sounds intriguing feel free to shoot me a message!
  9. Q

    Help to convince my wife to try cuckolding

    Please help me. My wife sometimes she wants to talk about cuckolding but sometimes she doesnt like it. What will i do?
  10. Looking for sugger dadie bulls

    Looking for sugger dadie bulls

    Fuck me
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    She couldn't resist spreading her legs for me.
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    The mature lady started to get horny looking at my fat cock.
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    42 year old married woman sent me this photo after starting an online chat, she admits she is very attracted to my fat cock.
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  20. Bull_Bergen

    Bull form Norway

    I have met some couples, and like this lifestyle very much. Want to meet a hotwife nearby or just to chat with couples. Maybe I can come to visit some day 😁👍