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    Wagering My Wife

    Several years ago, my wife and I met a single gentleman who lived in the same subdivision we reside in. We hooked up with him one night, and my wife enjoyed sex with this man. They began by making out on our couch while we were all three visiting and having drinks, and as the make-out session...
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    Anamaria Romanian Bitch slave sex

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    Anamaria Craciun Romanian Bitch

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    Anamaria Craciun Romanian bitch Ready x GB

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  10. After Gym Fucking.

    After Gym Fucking.

    We both always leave the gym feeling hot and bothered, so we decided to have our own post work out. Something about the gym turns Ali on, she always comes home soaking wet, to my benefit.
  11. Janderson32151

    Question for Wifes

    Hi I’m Ashley and I’m curious if there are any women here that cage their husbands but submit totally to their bulls? Do you enjoy receiving pain and/or humiliation from them? What’s the most extreme things they’ve done to you that you’ve enjoyed? Didn’t enjoy?