1. xShareHerx

    Dirty cuck talk

    I'm new here. I'm interested in sharing an audio recording of my fiance talking to me about her having sex with other guys while were having sex.
  2. T

    Real life experiences

    When I was a teenager my parents divorced and Mom quickly became a black out then pass out cold drunk. I hated Mom drunk like that because she was not the mother that I knew. She would hang on me telling me that I was just like my dad in everyway looks and personality. Late at night she would...
  3. yarmouthcouple

    Hello world

    Don't really know how this site works but hope to post our pics here to share! Hope you like
  4. J

    My girlfriend's after-wedding dress

    My girlfriend will soon be our future. After day, he wants to wear this outfit in the nightclub and have fun with his friends.
  5. Daddyandkitty54

    Hotwife Lifestyle meets Sugar Daddy Experience... Young married couple seeking advice. MF(23)

    James and Jacqueline here, recently Married and happily in the hot wife lifestyle. Speaking specifically as James, we're writing to you because we're in an interesting predicament. A little history on us, we're actually a VERY young couple. Both of us are 23, attractive and fun. She's from...
  6. xxxcouplexxx

    Becky....continuing the story (with photos)

    First of all, thanks to everyone who viewed or commented on my story ‘Becky – the first time’. It was my intention to tell the story of how I became a ‘hotwife’ and, hopefully, in doing so answer some of the questions people are always bringing up on the subject of how to get into the lifestyle...
  7. xxxcouplexxx

    Who are you fucking?

    Sorry another poll :rolleyes: but I thought it might be interesting to find out where us girls find most of our sexual partners. Feel free to comment as well :) Multiple votes allowed.
  8. xxxcouplexxx

    Becky becomes a prostitute (part 1)

    We were fascinated to read Ann's post about fulfilling her fantasy of being a whore and decided to share a similar experience that we had several years back. It had always been my husband's fantasy for me to go 'on the game' and sell my body to a stranger but I had always resisted, mainly due...
  9. Kimkat138

    Help to fulfil

    My fantasy is to watch my wife with another guy, she has shown a very strong interest in this but we just can't seem you find genuine guys anywhere. I want to watch her fuck and suck another guy, just writing it here makes my balls tingle. Please help with advice and suggestions.
  10. S

    Would you fuck my gf

    Hi everyone.. This is my gf... I love the idea of watching her getting fucked infront of me
  11. A


    hello there