1. S

    BWC Bull after online romance with willing couples

    As the titles says, 26 year old BWC looking for some couples/wives to chat with and see where things go... I live quite remotely so sadly dont get many opportunities to take lart in the lifestyle. If this sounds interesting to you, feel free to reach out for some more info and pics. Look...
  2. S

    Any wives up for sexting?

    Hi there! Just wondering if there were any wives out there that are open to sexting with a 28 year old BWC from the UK? DM me if you're interested?
  3. S

    28 year old BWC looking for a couple/woman to chat with?

    Hi there! I'm 28 and from the UK, wanted to see if there was a couple or a woman who wanted to chat or sext? Can be a Dom or sub. Hit me up! Speak soon.
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  5. Gentleman Bull

    Update to the hubby

    Hotwife was down to some action but the husband was stuck at work so couldn't be present. She was wanting this BBC so she came by herself, I thought It wouldn't be fair to let her husband without an Idea of what was going on so we sent him a little gift..😈♠️
  6. S

    BWC looking to entertain new couples

    24 year old BWC here looking to get to know some new couples! Would love to talk to you both, understand what turns you on and see where things go from there... If you want any more info or see some pictures feel free to reach out! Look forward to hearing from you ;)
  7. S

    Would you let a young bull sext your wife/girlfriend??

    Hey! Just a UK BWC looking for cucks who aren't afraid to let their wives or girlfriend talk to me with the intention of getting to know them a bit and seeing where it leads... If thats sounds intriguing feel free to shoot me a message!
  8. Stud6

    Lifestyle-active hung muscular stud looking to make you feel desired through text. No pics expected.

    I’m looking for the hottest of the hotties… Comfortable with this lifestyle and no rookie to fantasy and imagination… I want to you to read how much I’d want you to join my well-maintained and beloved body… Surrender yourself and bend to my will. Allow yourself to be spoiled by my gaze and...
  9. Jameson

    How would you add to her fantasy?

    So these are some sexts between my wife and I.. I've never experienced being an actual cuck in real life but my when my wife begins talking dirty, her filthy mouth and intense fantasies make me cum so hard! Any other hot ideas I can bring to the wife?
  10. Bull 4 hotwives & couples

    Bull 4 hotwives & couples

    Fit bull seeking to chat/play with hotwives and couples
  11. Stud6

    I don’t tribute to pictures alone…

    Get your bum off the account and let your wife chat for a bit. 🤭 I have a big, beautiful, aesthetic, girthy and cock that is satisfying gorgeous wives a couple of times/month in the local scene. 🍆 Yet, I have more needs, unfortunately. I want gorgeous wives that put effort into feeling sexy...
  12. M

    7.5 inch cock in need of sexting partner

    HMU if ur wife/gf needs to see a different/larger cock than yours. I can and will leave satisfied!
  13. J

    Young Bull wants your wife

    30 year old, 6'4 bull looking to sext with your wife. We will share dirty messages, pics, videos throughout the day that will always keep her horny and wet.
  14. Stud6

    Looking for hotwife to flirt with over chat/text.

    This is wonderful for those that just want to dip their toes into cuckolding, I propose. I love married women. I love the way they carry themselves, I love the way they take care of themselves and I love married 🐱 I am not looking to meet emotional needs with this. I'm looking to see to it that...
  15. Stud6

    Charming college stud looking to spoil a hotwife with attention. [Texting]

    Your wife is hot. She knows this, but not from you. :devilish: I’m looking to flirt with your wife and get her off on our time. I will make her feel so sexy and be so attentive with her, that it will mke you jelous of her and I. Your wife deserves to feel beautiful and desired. I’ll ensure...
  16. M

    Seeking a female/couple

    Would love to sext/try and catch someone’s gf/wife cheating
  17. M


  18. M

    Is your wife into sexting ??

    Would like to know if your wife likes sexting and would be interested in sexting with me
  19. S

    Let me talk to your wife/girlfriend

    UK BWC looking for cucks who aren't afraid to let their wives or girlfriend talk to me. Would love to get to know them a bit and see where it leads... If thats sounds intriguing feel free to shoot me a message
  20. S

    My Hotwife Stacy

    My Hotwife, Stacy, has a longterm Friend with benefits, Brian. They have been “fuck buddy’s” Friends With Benefits over 13 years longer than our 10 year marriage. Its been 19 months since Brians last visit with us and that long since my wife and Brian have fucked. He’s flying in this Saturday...


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