share wife

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    Any couples in or around Omaha, NE? Hung bull looking here in Omaha.
  2. Day at the beach.jpg

    Day at the beach.jpg

    Who is in California?
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  4. Kate Fucking Vid 2

    Kate Fucking Vid 2

    Kate fucking a bull
  5. Kate Fucking Vid 1

    Kate Fucking Vid 1

    Kate fucking a bull
  6. Bdds

    I want to swing/share my wife, what is the best way to start?

    Have never talked to my wife about swinging or sharing her and I’m looking for real advice on how to peak her interest and hopefully we give it a try. Thanks in advance for any help!
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  10. Doggy go ‼️

    Doggy go ‼️

    I’ll fuck you anyway anytime anywhere your ready honey 💋
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    couple in london search bull

    London couple looking for a good looking man, possibly speaking Italian between 24 and 30 years old
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    Wife wants to be shared for the first time!
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    Shared at a AirBnB on the city suburbs of Rotterdam. The power of an older men. The visual power that breaks her mind.
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    Waiting to play
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    Squeezing her own tits.. riding my buddys cock..
  18. hubby films as friend impregnates wife !

    hubby films as friend impregnates wife !

    this is me filming my married friend while he gets ready to release himself in my slutty wife for his baby she wants!
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    She just got back from her ex’s question for ladies

    Her ex pulled in our driveway, she went out there, they put his seat all the way back, and she rode his cock for a half hour, she said she could see it pushing out just under her belly botton.. she came in naked, cum running down her legs.. do you ladies think she will still feel my cock in her?
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