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    Please share her
  3. O

    How to get more black men around my wife

    I’ve had this fantasy of my wife getting pounded to a BBC bull for a awhile now and she has no idea. At least that’s what I think but I’m pretty sure she does not. Recently I went on a date with her where we sat right next to a BBC bull who was also on a date with a cuckold couple. During this...
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  5. Poilankb

    Tired military man

    Hello, I am a military officer who has been deployed for 8 months. I'm a very horny guy and I'm tired of watching fake videos and photos online. Any man or woman who wants to share their photos with me, to jerking. I like Muslim women more...
  6. Cock hungry wife

    Cock hungry wife

    Making videos forbulls
  7. Wife’s Wet

    Wife’s Wet

    I love recording her while she plays with herself and tells me sexy stories. She was just telling me how her ex’s BBC was too much for her and she couldn’t even blow him he was so big.
  8. hotmaninatl1975

    NE Georgia

    In the Atlanta GA area and looking to get back into meeting women or couples with women that enjoy being shared or aspire to be shared with another man. It can be Hotwife, Stag/Vixen, or Cuckold.
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    tiny wife and my tall friend
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  13. Kiltedthing

    Going to share her tomorrow

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    Sharing her pussy with a BBC, sort of
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  17. T

    Any good cuck or hot wife wants to make my day?

    Hi all, Im married guy and my wife is any cucks or hot wife wants to help me out while im alone?post the best pictures or videos of your wife or yourself 🙂
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    My Wife's threesome
  20. another give me hard

    another give me hard