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    I want to email your pics to my wife

    Maybe a strange request, but I want to anonymously email photos of another guy to my wife and see how she reacts. Hopefully someone here can help me out. I want to see if she will tell me or keep it a secret. Any guys up for sharing your photos I could use? Message me. Looking for more than...
  2. J

    My 32 wife with much older cock

    My wife gets fucked by 64 year old grandpa ,she met day before on some dating site ,guy was so excited that he cums twice in 10 minutes
  3. S

    Shay's first time being shared.... OMG !

    Our 100% True Story I am at heart a hedonist believing that almost all sex is good sex (as long as it’s legal and consensual) Hotwife, Toys, Dom, Sub, Groups, Gloryholes, Young (legal), Old, Saggy or Firm, it’s all good as long as it’s clean & safe. I have had a hot wife fantasy for decades...
  4. WW4OnlyFans

    30 year old male looking for first Cuckhold

    I live in the south jersey area 30 years old I want to enjoy a cuckhold with someone.
  5. Bent over

    Bent over

    please let us know what you think
  6. sheriann

    manchester bbw wife seeking 3rd male for pleasure while hubby !

    hello im sheri we are looking for an older male that is very friendly and outgoing must have a nice big cock and shaved manscaped im also looking for someone that can really fuck me and loves oral im into kissing alot my husband loves to watch me get pleased by another man my husband is not bi...
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  8. Nocap

    Let's chat and stroke to my wife I want to watch someone fuk her

    Here's are some pictures of my wife
  9. Ads37

    Alexis loves fucking my college friends

  10. Inrancouple

    European couple looking for a lover

    Hi everyone, We're a European couple looking a sub/gentle man to Role Play a two boyfriend relationship (it turns her on more than just having meaningless bulls) Sexting, pictures and videos are totally on the table. Don't hesitate to get in touch :) The stag in this relationship is the dom...
  11. phoenix98186

    Halloween Whore II

    My wife and I were at a Halloween party and she had already taken a couple of guys. This is the second part of the story as this site has a max character count I had to split the store up. She told me to get back in the closet. Right as I sat back down I looked through the closet door and...
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    Jess, This is me eating
  13. Share your dear wife.mp4

    Share your dear wife.mp4

  14. Black man fucks her while she sucks her husband.mp4

    Black man fucks her while she sucks her husband.mp4

  15. A

    Amateur pleasure

  16. F

    young bull from Bulgaria, Sunny Beach

    any couples who wants to play? :) 7.3''