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  2. A

    Share him with my mom :)

    ask me everything you are interested in :P
  3. BFrank

    Hidden cam sharing

    I am new here but in the short time here I've noticed there are a fair amount of cucks who have wives that unaware of their fantasies or activities. They worry about telling their wife what they want and must keep their desires a secret. One way that might be safe and fun in the time of the...
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    Slutty little wifey services
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  7. Boudica

    Recently joined, About me (22) and my Gf (19).

    Supp, im Bo, 22 from Holland. I have a 19yr old Girlfriend. A while ago I got very interested and curious when I saw a post of someone sharing his wife with a Black Guy. Never really realized that BBC would be so much bigger and better, the insane satisfaction it seems to give girls. I...
  8. F

    young bull from Bulgaria, Sunny Beach

    any couples who wants to play? :) 7.3''
  9. J

    Would love to hear what you want to do to my slim petite gf

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  10. F

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  11. H

    Share Her More

    We are new to this. 6 months back i started to think how it would be if I share my wife or see my wife fuck other men. 3 months of confusion finally i came to share her. I told her about the idea. She keep ignore that. Finally she got agreed to fuck other man. 2 months back i selected her bull...