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    I used to take nude pics of my wife and leave them lay at a carwash, on a sidewalk, or somewhere I could watch and see who picked them up and the responses. I've always fantasized about people printing her pics and posting them in public then sending me pics of them posted like at...
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  8. OntarioCouple

    Chat with us?

    Hello. We’re new here and to this lifestyle. So far it is fantasy that the Mrs. (35) fucks a man in front of me, with me possibly joining in if everyone is comfortable. In theory she is looking for about 7.5-8” with some decent girth to help stretch her out a bit. We’d love to chat with someone...
  9. ExposeUKWife

    UK Wife for Captions, Tributes...

    UK Hubby here, LOVE to have my wife captioned, Tributed, shown around, love to expose her, chat ...
  10. M

    Girlfriend sharing

    Hello, im new here. I havent done anything, but i get so hard thinking about someone fucking my ex girlfriend. We still keep in touch and fuck once in a while. Im 14cm and not that into humiliation but I would love to hear how better some big cock felt in her pussy and how deeper it went. She...
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  12. A

    Share him with my mom :)

    ask me everything you are interested in :p
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    Slutty little wifey services
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  15. Boudica

    Recently joined, About me (22) and my Gf (19).

    Supp, im Bo, 22 from Holland. I have a 19yr old Girlfriend. A while ago I got very interested and curious when I saw a post of someone sharing his wife with a Black Guy. Never really realized that BBC would be so much bigger and better, the insane satisfaction it seems to give girls. I...
  16. F

    young bull from Bulgaria, Sunny Beach

    any couples who wants to play? :) 7.3''
  17. J

    Would love to hear what you want to do to my slim petite gf

    I’d like to hear! After every 20 votes I’ll share more pics
  18. F

    for couples :)

    If you wanna share your wife/gf with me send a pic of her here :P 12704
  19. H

    Share Her More

    We are new to this. 6 months back i started to think how it would be if I share my wife or see my wife fuck other men. 3 months of confusion finally i came to share her. I told her about the idea. She keep ignore that. Finally she got agreed to fuck other man. 2 months back i selected her bull...