1. Mosterrr Slav

    Mosterrr Slav

    Fucking this bitch
  2. Etncpl4fun

    Having some fun in TN

  3. S

    Like to ask you to write dirty, humiliating comments on my wife’s pictures. Thanks!

    Hi, love to see what you guys think of my wife, she is shared and is no stranger to insults, no limits.
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  5. A

    Wife’s and girlfriends feet pics

    so... my wife knows I have a foot fetish, but she's never really let me fully indulge it. Last night, I get this text from the guy she was hanging out with. Apparently, he has a foot fetish too, and this was his way of letting me know he was getting ready to enjoy them in ways I've...
  6. Stacy 22y strip at friends 2.jpg

    Stacy 22y strip at friends 2.jpg

    Stacy strips at the new guys house
  7. K

    Who wants to fuck my wife?

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  9. WineNot

    30-something Couple seeking male - SF Bay Area

    We're a couple in North SF Bay Area, and have been swinging for about 2-3 years now. Seeking a guy (30-40ish) in the area to share my gf. We prefer longer term connections, someone we/she can grab drinks with. She also prefers me to be involved for support, especially the first few times. We're...
  10. Pistil

    The Wine Bar Encounter, part three

    "Oh yes, and I have a gift for you, come quickly!" I scanned the room, my panties, bra and dress where by the side of the bed, my dress had landed near the door.The bed was a mess, wrinkled and undone and I was in even worse shape. I inventoried the damage in the side mirror, my neck and chest...
  11. Pistil

    The Wine Bar Encounter, part two

    I am not in the mood for young chicks, I need a woman, a real woman And I think I found one. I hit the lotto too I thought to myself, this young, good looking and eager guy. I am going to make the best of this. I saw his eyes drift from my face to my belly, it felt good, my belly lurched, I...
  12. Wife Loves Fucking Friend in Front of Husband

    Wife Loves Fucking Friend in Front of Husband

  13. thonged


    with a little tan line