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    Help please

    I want to tell my girlfriend that I want to share her but i'm afraid that she will leave me. can someone help me? I would love to see her under a big cock. I'd pay money just for that.
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    Hello friends. I like to talk to black men about my girlfriend. White men can write. I'm hidden from my girlfriend. It's my biggest dream to watch her with someone else. Message me to see my girlfriend's photos.
  4. pawg wife loves to ride another cocks.mp4

    pawg wife loves to ride another cocks.mp4

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    hotwife sex with black bull.mp4

    interracial fun for the wifey
  6. B

    Married, wanna be cuck, looking for advice

    I am married and I was always into threesomes, sharing, cheating, cuck, etc etc... My previous girlfriend was into this as well and she was ok with finding another partners and telling me what she did with them. Honestly, it wasn't difficult at all to get her on this path. Maybe because we were...
  7. markmunroe69

    Getting ready for some action…

    Wife getting ready before we play with another attractive couple!
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  9. Bobbyv

    Would anyone be interested??

    My wife and I are completely new to this and have not tried anything with anyone else, but it has been spoken about. Last night we were talking about involving other people and she suggested that she would be up for letting a guy wank off over her in person. She had the idea of getting a hotel...
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    she's too good to fuck with husband only.mp4

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  12. W

    My first time sharing

    We were just a few weeks into relationship, when my girlfriend told me that she would have to cancel her upcoming get-together with an old boyfriend of hers, as he was untrustworthy. They had broken up five years earlier, but were still good friends. His job was to promote soccer in America and...
  13. btweets


    Wondering if anyone has ever been to an, Eyes Wide Shut party, or something similar, and would like to share their experiences and stories...
  14. btweets

    Valentines Day 2021

    What are your plans for Valentines Day? Anyone care to share what they have planned to do, or want to share some ideas for others?
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    guy watches gf with other man.mp4

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    Fucking the wife after a good night

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    Would you?

    Who would like to see their wife join me in getting fucked like this? Would you take part or just sit back and enjoy the show? Would you want to know the guys, if so who are they? Or would you rather them be strangers?
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    Share him with my mom :)

    ask me everything you are interested in :p
  19. N

    New To Hotwife Lifestyle

    Hi All, I just want to say thanks in advance for any help/advice that you can provide. For privacy purposes, I will introduce myself as L and my girlfriend as E (late 20's and early 30's respectively). We have been dating long distance for a little over four years now and she is absolutely...
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    Groping,slut clothes,sharing gf

    okay,my gf is 20 pettite and loves to be gangbanged or to take a lot of cocks in all her holes,we never done something like that but we want to,we was thinking to start slowly first by dressing her like a slut and go in public(short skirt with no panties,candid,shorts with ass cheeks out and...