shy wife

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    Shy wife tributes

    Looking for interests and tributes of my shy wife. PM me or email me at:
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    Wife getting a tattoo - male tattooist

    Hi all, So my wife recently decided to get a tattoo. Something she's talked about every now and then but never really dared to do. I am being supportive. She asked me what I thought and I said it would be sexy. I advised visiting a parlour and getting a temp tattoo first to see if she liked...
  3. Glass Dildo

    Glass Dildo

    I love to watch my wife work her glass dildo in to her tight little snatch!
  4. Tight Wife

    Tight Wife

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  7. So Tight

    So Tight

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  11. R&Rlove

    SoCal Couple looking for M or F for first 3some

    Looking for a good match for us. Not trying to jump into anything and would like someone willing to make a trip to join us in a hotel in Vegas for a night or 2 of fun. The goal is to surprise the wife with an extra guest. This will be our first time doing something like this. I would like to...