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  1. HTwyffun

    Stroke to wife’s chat with bull about fucking!

    Cuckolds and stags who like to stroke to messages between bull and wife.
  2. K

    please help me

    Anyone into online degradation? Looking for someone to help me degrade/humilate my cuck into a perfect sissy. Lets all give nasty suggestions. one codition i have s - no face . lets do this! he needs to be put in his place (slutwife here )
  3. W

    Have you ever been in that situation?

    Me and my girlfriend have already talked about having a threesome and we both are open to it. It turns me thinking of her enjoying another man. Coincidentally she also likes to put makeup on me, dress me in lingerie and play with my ass but she doesn’t know I have a sissy kink. I think it would...
  4. Y

    Chicago - closet dresser, sissy cuck looking for that slutty hotwife/slutwife/bad girl partner ;)

    Like the title says - new, no one yet to explore and have fun with. Watch cuckold, hotwife/slutwife, sharing, sissy clips, tumblr, you name it daily. Would love to find that person that knows just what kind of cuck / sissy cuck she wants and needs and also knows just that kind of bad girl her...