size matters

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    My first BBC. The one I had to take before he would marry me, to prove I would be a real bbc worshipping white girl as I promised when we started dating, and that I'd break our wedding vows to be a bbc slutwife and earn my queen of spades tattoo as a mother. I worship big black cock. BNWO!
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    Well im 62kg, 175cm and I think I have a regular size, 16cm, and am skinny I understand that can be a little slim too ahaha.. But compared do a dark skin partner, what do you think? What I find from experience with our swinger lifestyle is that thickness can produce much more reactions from Maike th
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    Porn recommendations for vanilla wife?

    My wife is very vanilla, but says she is willing to watch porn with me. My hope is to make it a fairly regular thing, and to expose her to big cocks and even average cocks (which are big compared to me). But here are the concerns as far as what will most likely turn her off: 1) Anything that is...
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    Here kitty kitty hotwife wanted
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    Science says size sure is superior

    I'm into penis size humiliation big time but there's a lot of artificial stuff out there where you can tell the actress/cam girl is simply trotting out the scripted SPH she's been paid for. I am much more turned on when it is genuine. Coupled with this fetish of mine is the fact that I am a...
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    Chances You are Her Biggest (or Smallest) Dick - Calculator

    What are the chances you have the biggest cock she's ever had? Put in your size and see your results: Thought this was an interesting tool that this forum might appreciate. After entering your measurements it shows you comparison to the average dick, world...
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    Cucks, what is the size of your penis? [LENGTH -POLL]

    Curious about the size of cuckolds on this forum. What is the size (length) of your cock?
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    I want to cuck a guy with a micropenis

    Through many years as a bull with many couples nearly all the guys I've cuckolded were 4-5 inches. Although I don't have measurements on all the guys and this is an estimate, I don't think any cuck was smaller than 4 inches. Years ago, an ex gf described the guy she dated before me as being...