1. NghtyLiLBlnde84

    Same bed sleeping

    Always had this fantasy. So I have a good friend that's super cocky and arrogant. Talks about how big his dick is as long as I can remember and my wife has heard about it even before we were together. Annoying yeah. We were all in the hot tub one time naked with him and his girl at the time...
  2. Hot body.jpg

    Hot body.jpg

    Hot hot hot and always willing
  3. Z

    My wife sleeping

    Passed out..
  4. hermano33s

    Candids and Voyeur

    Id love to chat with cuckolds sharing their wives candid shots .. sleeping and unaware pics ! Post here or maybe msg me ! Am 30 bull !
  5. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Wakey Wakey sexy baby.

    We where up and at it early for a Sunday morning stroll, before we left she got dicked down. The fucking and walk must have taken it out of her, we got back home and now baby girl is taking a power nap.
  6. I caught him sleeping!

    I caught him sleeping!

    My hubby deep in sleep. Time to jump on him!
  7. B

    Bull at home: during and after sex

    When the bull spends your night at home do you prefer to watch him fuck his wife or just prefer to hear them having sex? Do you play a role during or after sex like clean-up or massage? At bedtime do you prefer to sleep with the bull and wife or leave them alone? What was the best experience you...