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    My wife finally letting another man cum In her married pussy!! And yes, I cleaned up and had sloppy seconds!
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    Wife and bull
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    Wife and bull
  6. ParejaSurreal

    Hotwife on a trip with lover

    We started here asking for opinions on this if she should or not go alone with her lover to a half weekend trip where I would meet them on the other day. Well we all three decided to go on. Will be this weekend. We will use this post to tell how it is going... hope it to be interest for you all...
  7. free2fli

    Sloppy Seconds

    I have been lucky in life and have experienced sloppy seconds 9 times. But none were ever with my wife. She has come home from time to time with a loose pussy. But I can tell the feel and smell of fucking a used pussy. So I am confident she was not just fucked - I wish it was otherwise. I...
  8. J

    Our first time is coming up

    I certainly cannot talk to family or friends about this, so I am writing here just to share our story and maybe get some advice from other who have done this. My wife has always known that my number 1 fantasy would be to see her having sex with another guy. She has always refused, and thought I...